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Sawmillers Visits Capital Quilters

30 Apr

cqHi Everyone,

I had a wonderful time at the April meeting of Capital Quilters, everyone was so interested in the talk I gave, I hadn’t realised the level of interest in Ballroom and Latin American gowns and dancing in general too, the questions from the floor were excellent and hopefully I was able to answer them effectively, the picture above is taken with Capital Quilters President Adrienne Nelson, the members of the club were so welcoming and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces and what a lovely welcome I was given, I must take the opportunity to thank Sylvie, Lisa, Barbara,Cheryl and last but not least Julie, I also got to see the new baby boy!!

Kevin and I have been visiting Maria who has just designed our new Block of the Month, it is so lovely, it will be a Mystery BOM, but I know it has some Applique and there will be 2 colourways which we have on display at Sawmillers, as soon as I get more details I shall let everyone know the final cost.

dscf1024I have just re-ordered the William Morris range pictured above in all colours, as you know we have a policy of not repeating orders on the ranges that we stock, this enables us to always have new ranges in Sawmillers regularly, but this range has gone so well, that we have had to rethink our policy just this once, don’t forget if you buy the fat quarters to make the little dress we give you the pattern for it.

I have heard from Samantha in USA to say her father in law Roy was been re-admitted to Palmerston North hospital on Sunday, he had already had an operation on his shoulder but developed a complication, fortunately all is well now and it is hoped he will return home to Lisa his wife and the dogs within the next day or so feeling much better, we all wish him a very speedy recovery, Lisa is a quilter in Palmerston.

A quick note about the canine assistants, they are both looking very handsome now they have been groomed, I am hoping to post a picture of them very shortly, so until the next posting.

Happy Quilting


Stack n Whack Class and ANZAC Day Opening Hours.

24 Apr

dscf1128Hi Everyone,

As you can see from the above picture we have the teaching sample for the ‘Stack n Whack‘ class on display, this is a super quilt, our tutor Adrienne will have all the patterns available to purchase, we also have suitable fabrics in stock for this class, see below.

dscf1132Contact us if you would like more details for registration, it is being held on Saturday 16th May and is an all day class. Also coming up shortly on  Saturday 9th May is the first of the ‘Christmas Capers’ class, we shall have Christmas fabrics including Fat 1/4ers here to select from if you are short, but don’t leave this too late to register.


This Saturday is ANZAC Day when we shall be thinking of family and friends who have been involved with conflicts around the world, as an Ex Royal Navy Wren it is a day when I remember all servicemen and women, Sawmillers will be closed on Saturday morning, but we shall be open from 1.00pm to 4.30pm, I have Libby coming to look after the shop for me as I have been invited to speak at the Capital Quilters monthly meeting in Lower Hutt, so if you are going to the meeting come and say hello to me, I shall Ballroom and Latin American Dance Gowns with me too.

We also have some new quilt accessories arrived from USA, come have a browse through our baskets, hopefully I shall get a chance to do another post before Monday, which will be an exciting day for Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant Unpaid as they are going to see Steve at ‘Dogs  r Us‘ for a haircut and groom, I shall post pictures so you can see how much better they both look, at the moment Barney looks very scruffy indeed!

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Post Symposium ,Customers Work, and Christmas Capers Class Details.

18 Apr

Hi Everyone,

I expect all those who attended symposium for classes, acted as ‘angels’ or generally helped out are still feeling tired, it seems from all the visitors we have met here at Sawmillers it was a great success. We really enjoyed meeting everyone from all over New Zealand, Australia, Canada & Denielle and Debbie from Missouri, USA. and really pleased that you all enjoyed the weeks event.

We are almost back to normal, as we had Sawmillers Stitchers on Thursday, and last night we had our monthly  UFO meeting, it was such a fun night and despite lots of laughs we all accomplished a lot on our UFO’s. If you want to join us, just phone and I can give you details.

Just as an aside we have the new Andover Alpha Buddies range, it is so cute and the colours are beautiful, call and have a look when you come for a Devonshire Tea with Kevin.

dscf1105I have added some of Sawmiller’s customers work for you all to admire, they are very inspiring and we do have some very talented people visit us.

dscf1093This was a quilt made by Debbie for her sister in law, the colours are so effective and the photograph really doesn’t do it justice.

christmas-capersThe Christmas Capers class registrations are now open, I have put in some of the close up images of the quilt, this is the cutest project and commences Saturday 9th May 9.00am – Midday, there are 4 lesson altogether over a 4 month period, we  shall have additional Christmas fabric available for you select from.


dscf10991dscf11001Until next time, Happy Quilting

Trading Hours During Symposium

9 Apr

Hi Everyone,

This is just a hasty post to let you have the times Sawmillers are open during the Symposium Week. Those of you who are receiving the goodie bags there is a voucher included for you to come and see us and receive your Symposium Discount. Unfortunately we were unable to receive dispensation from the Easter Trading Laws, so we won’t be open on Good Friday or Easter Sunday, we made the decision to apply to the Department of Labour for permission rather than risk a huge fine. That being the case we shall be open on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday with the Sawmillers Shuttle/Barney Bus available to bring you out to see us, the mini van will have posters on the window so you will know which it is, and the Pick up times are 1.30pm and Drop off at 4.45pm and also 5.00pm and Drop off at 7.15pm. If you have your own transport then just come on out, Sawmillers will be open from Midday on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the shuttle will also pick up on Tuesday and Wednesday at 1.30pm and Drop off at 4.45pm.Then we shall return to our normal hours. Below is a taster of some of the new ranges that we have received in the past week, we shall also have Sawmillers Strips ( Jelly Rolls ) Charm Squares and of course Kits and Fat Quarters too. dscf1079‘Journey’ by Gudrun Erla for Red Rooster, we have the entire range of this story, we also have ‘Alpha Buddies’ by Nancy Murty for Andover fabrics, the colours in this latest childrens print are beautiful, clear oranges, reds, turquoises, yellows and absinthe greens there is also a panel with animal prints on as well, so cute.

Well, I shall finish and hopefully we shall get to meet some of you once more, if in doubt about times etc. just phone on 04 526 2517 or email on enquiries and don’t forget you will be able to have a Devonshire Tea at Stonestead too.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Wellington Quilt Symposium and Sawmillers Opening Hours.

4 Apr

darling-barneyGood Morning Everyone,

Another beautiful weekend here at Sawmillers and Stonestead, as the title of this posting suggests we are into the final countdown to Quilt Wellington Symposium, we were approached when we first opened to act as advertisers and sponsors of this great event, and one can see how much work has been done to ensure the six days it is being held are a great success. We were more than happy to support this event, especially as it is hoped it will introduce quilting to a vast number of non quilters, and hopefully make converts too! Unfortunately we were unable to have a booth in the Merchant Mall at Wellington Girls College as the spaces had been booked out well in advance, but we still wanted to be available for you to see our lovely shop and the colonial cottage which is Stonestead, so for those who are attending Symposium you will receive vouchers in your goodie bags  for a discount here at Sawmillers, we shall have the Sawmillers Shuttle/Barney Bus available at Wellington Girls College to bring you out to see us,  look around our scrummy fabrics and even have a Devonshire Tea at Stonestead, unfortunately the trading laws will not allow us to open on Good Friday, but we have requested to open on Easter Sunday, and we are still waiting to hear, if you are making your own way out to see us you will still receive a discount as well on production of your symposium registration. All the details are in the goodie bags and it may be a good idea to reserve a seat and confirm opening hours, just phone us 04 526 2517 or email

sawmillersquilteryWe shall keep you updated on any other happenings as they occur, but until  the next time,

Happy Quilting

More Excitement At Sawmillers.

2 Apr

dscf0970Good Morning Everyone,

It is glorious up here at Te Marua, we even have the french doors onto the verandah open and the sun is streaming through.

Well, we have had the dramas over the asphalt and the burglary at the dancing school and we thought that was it, but not so!

When the road workers were working on the main road, they accidentally knocked our road sign off its’ pole! It looks very empty at the moment, but we have been assured it will be reattached very soon.

When I arrived here yesterday with 2nd and 3rd Assistants to check on a new delivery,  Kevin was working on the extension to his Aviary/ Chicken house, and it was all looking very nice, that is until he was drilling into an upright of wood backed by steel, the drill jumped, he lost his balance, fell off the ladder and broke his arm! I knew things were a tad wrong when the frozen peas came out of the freezer and the arm was laid on top.


Anyway all is well now, he has a lovely white plaster from wrist to just above the elbow and he is adapting to doing most things with his right hand, fortunately that is his preferred hand, he taught dance class last night teaching ballroom and latin, and this morning he is practicing his scone making technique too, so nothing has changed and he is coping very well.

dscf1056We had a great day on Sunday with Dianne Barnden and Dennielle Bohannon, Dianne’s American friend both here signing The Circuit Riders Quilt book for those customers who had ordered copies, Dennielle had two quilts in the book. Dianne has left her quilt with us again, so if anyone would like to order further copies let me know, you can see the quilt on display.

dscf1064Dianne and Dennielle with Glenys after signing her copy of the Circuit Riders Quilt book.

Well, I shall finish this eventful posting, I can hear the ‘leaf blower’ outside so the one armed man is keeping up with his jobs without too much problem.

Until next time, Happy Quilting

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