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The Weekend at Sawmillers

20 May

Hi Everyone,

We have Sandra Kennington teaching Quilt As You Go to a full class this weekend at Sawmillers, this will be Sandra’s first visit to us and I know everyone is looking forward to learning this great technique.

The new button stand is proving to be a great success, there are some of the cutest buttons on it, from cupcakes to jandals and everything in between.

The Baltimore class is being held tonight too, with Judy Betts, it is always exciting to see what each participant has accomplished since the last lesson, I have managed to complete all the unfinished blocks I had as well as completing a ‘clipper’ ship too, so I am looking forward to deciding what to do next.

There are still a few places remaining in classes, go through and see what we have to offer and contact us to see if there is a place for you.

Until  next time,

Happy Quilting.


Sawmiilers Is Now Tweeting!

11 May

Hi Everyone,

Just to say Sawmillers has moved up yet another techno notch and we can now Tweet.

So go through and have a look from time to time.

Until next time

Happy Quilting

Tote and Gloat

8 May

Hi Everyone,

Well, what a wonderful day yesterday was, Sawmillers attended the Rose City Quilters Tote and Gloat as a merchant.

I am continually amazed at the talent we have in this lovely art, the ‘gloat’ part of the day was terrific and some beautiful examples were on display.

The response from all the quilters that attended was wonderful and I was able to catch up with many familiar faces, the day passed very quickly, and we were very lucky to be placed between two very nice quilt shops, Quiltworks of Waipikurau and Quilters Lane of Masterton, I have got to know the ladies from these shops very well over the past few months and we intend to work together in the future over various projects, details will be released as they come to hand.

The guest speaker was Yvonne Brown from England and despite having to stop her talk part way through due to the terrific downpour which prevented us from hearing her, she continued giving us a power point presentation of her work along with a synopsis of how she got into quilting and the type of work she has done and is currently doing, most interesting and I am sure the ladies who are participating in her classes over the next few days will come away full of idea and techniques.

The trip home was uneventful, but packing the car in Palmerston to come home was rather a trial for all the merchants, as the heavens opened once more and we all got soaked, but being typical quilters everyone helped each other out.

The fabrics are now back in Sawmillers and we are waiting for a another delivery from USA which will be very exciting.

So until next time,

Happy Quilting

Happy Mothers Day

8 May

Hi Everyone,

Happy Mothers Day especially to all those for whom today is their special day, some will be like me and may only have one child nearby and in my case it is my son and my Malaysian girlfriend in law sharing the day with me or you may have all your family to visit or give you a special treat, Kevin has lots of families booked for Devonshire Cream Teas today, so there will be lots of mothers at Stonestead.

But, I am sure there will also be those like me who have received cards and perhaps gifts from children living further away and can’t get home, in my case I have spoken with Samantha in USA and Georgina in London and have received lovely gifts, pictured below.

These are my gifts from my daughter Samantha and son in law Lance a Liberty of London Pincushion and matching Needlecase, which they got for me whilst visiting London a short while ago.

This is my gift from Georgina and her partner Ferry in London, a recipe book from Fortnum and Masons for their famous afternoon teas, scones, shortbread and my favourite expression ‘ fancies ‘ I shall definately be baking this week, perhaps the the Stilton and Fig Tartlets which sound ‘delish!’ as Stacy would say!!!

So here is hoping you all have a wonderful day,

Until next time

Happy Quilting

My youngest ‘children ‘

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