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Nearly Here

22 Jan

Hi Everyone,

As I write this I can here the humming of sewing machines as the quilting is being completed and the bindings are going on the quilts that are going to be registered for the Outdoor Quilt Festival being held on Sunday 5th February, let us have the registration forms by 29th January and then you can bring the entries up for the 2nd February so there is still plenty of time.The forms can all be printed off at the Stonestead site

The gold coin donations that are made for this festival all go to Te Omanga Hospice, nothing is taken out for working costs, so what goes in the Te Omanga boxes goes to Te Omanga and what a worthwhile cause that is, I have to say I  had little to do with Te Omanga in the past but that changed in 2011 when I had contact with them through friends whose families were there, what a wonderful job they do.

I have almost completed updating the class list for this year, so go through and see the new classes that are available, and come along to the Class Preview Evening on 11th February at 7.00pm, any way until next time.

Happy Quilting

I forgot to say that Bailey and Poppy the Official Greeters will be here as always!

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