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Spring At Last

26 Sep

Hi Everyone,

As you can see Spring has arrived at Stonestead and Sawmillers, this Tulip Tree is a picture and you pass it on the way to the garden which now seems to have come alive with new growth.

Sawmillers has received more goodies, this time we have new square rulers, a cute teeny tiny 2.50″ as well as larger squares and triangle rulers. New fabric has arrived with White on White and Black on Black, we have been asked for this and it is finally here.

We still have a few places in our Block of the Month, Butterfly Kisses, this is a really easy programme as the blocks are large so your quilt grows fast. Got to be good! Don’t forget the new classes that are coming up and also the promotion we will be holding in October, the details for this will be in next weeks posting.

I expect you have seen the new addition to our newsletter/blog, we now have a ‘What’s Happening’ section, this means you can access all the details about classes, promotions and any other news quickly without having to scroll through the previous posts.

This is all courtesy of Samantha the USA reporter and advertising guru, all the advertisements you see either through NZ Quilter, Quilt Group Newsletters etc. are as a result of the hard work and imagination of my daughter Samantha, there have been many phone calls to America at very unsociable hours for brainstorming sessions and despite managing her own website she always seems to come up with something exciting, imaginative and innovative.

Well, I shall finish this post, above is one of the beautiful camellias that surround the Stonestead complex, if you are free over the weekend come and visit us for a Devonshire Tea wander through the garden and come to Sawmillers and browse the extensive range of fabric.

Until next time, Happy Quilting


TGIF and Pizza and Pavlova Night.

17 Sep

Hi Everyone,

It has been great to see the interest in the Heather Bailey range we have just received at Sawmillers, the colours are so good.

In keeping with the policy we set when we opened Sawmillers, we now have more classes to offer our enthusiasts, the first one is a  Machine Quilting Class,on 9th and 16th October at 7.00pm, this is not only for beginners but may be of interest to those who wish to consolidate their knowledge, it is being tutored by Dianne Barnden and the needs list will be available next week. Dianne has become a very popular tutor at Sawmillers so we are very pleased she has offered to do this class for us.

Pictured above is the French Potpourri Quilt, this is a one night class tutored by Dianne too and being held as you may have guessed by the title of this post on Friday 30th October at 6.00pm through to 12.00pm, this is a real fun night, starting with dinner of Pizza followed by the iconic Pavlova for dessert all served in the Tea House, then we adjourn upstairs to the mezzanine to make the quilt. Numbers are restricted for this evening class, so don’t linger too long to register and then we can send you the needs list, and because it is being held on a Friday evening you can have a lie in on Saturday morning.

We also have a terrific in store promotion coming up in October, so keep watching this blog for all the details. 

If you want any details about the above classes or anything else we can help you with we can be phoned on 04 526 2517 or by email

Until next time, Happy Quilting

US Designer Heather Bailey Range now in Sawmillers.

14 Sep

Hi Everyone,

We have been waiting with baited breath for this fabulous range of fabrics by the very well known American designer Heather Bailey, and it finally arrived on Friday, the range is entitled Pop Garden and as you can see by the group of pictures it is a real colour blast, quite retro and a mixture of bold colours with flower motifs to zig zag stripes, very effective, this can be used not just for quilt projects but also bags, aprons wall hangings etc.

There is a huge colour range with hot pinks, vivid yellows, absinthe greens, browns and reds. Come in and see close up this beautiful range.

Below is the lovely Savannah range, this has florals, stripes and spots all coordinating and in pinks, blues and lemons

Audrey took great care of Sawmillers on Friday, we were very pleased to have her here, we are certainly getting a super group of friends here, not just those that help in the shop, teach class,  but also the Sawmillers Stitchers that meet alternate Thursdays over in the Tea House, where they pursue their different quilt and craft interests, enjoy each others company and have their Devonshire Teas served by the ‘boss’ Kevin.

We are in the process of preparing new classes and once the tutors have been confirmed these will be posted for you to register for, not least of all will be a class for Kevins’ Quilt for which there seems to be great interest.

Until our next posting,

Happy Quilting

Wellington Quilt Exhibition.

11 Sep

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday saw the ‘boss’ and I in Wellington visiting the Wellington Quilters Exhibition, we were invited to attend the opening on Thursday evening as we were amongst the sponsors, but I was teaching the beginners class at Sawmillers and Kevin was teaching pupils at DancZport, so we were unable to attend.Never the less the work on display was wonderful and it was so nice to be able to see work produced by ladies who have visited us at Sawmillers in the short time we have been open, you can’t help but be inspired by all the work on display, of special interest were the ‘Playing Cards’ we encourage those that are able to go along and view the beautiful work. Pinestream Quilters also have their exhibition at Expressions in Upper Hutt.

We hosted two lovely groups of ladies last Saturday, they visited us here at Sawmillers and then went over to Kevin and had Devonshire Teas, they had also been to see the exhibition in Wellington. Don’t forget if you get a group of quilters together and want a day out, you can visit us at Sawmillers and then have a Devonshire Tea as well, just get in touch with us and we can arrange it, and even be here on the days we are normally closed, Barney the Official Greeter just loves meeting new people.

I have to say at this point that having help from Julie last weekend was great, she was such a help to me and if you visit her blog you will read more about it.

This post is a tad brief, we have a beginners class tonight and I have yet to roll some new fabric onto bolts ready to display.

I shall be away tomorrow as I have to go to Palmerston North to attend a dear friends ordination at St Peters’, but I am leaving Sawmillers in very safe and capable hands with Audrey, you may remember her from a few years ago, she has lots of experience, so be kind to her and make her feel at home.

Until next time, Happy Quilting

The Sawmillers Scottie

6 Sep

Hi Everyone,

Well, just when we thought Spring had arrived we have reverted back to the cooler days once more, and my goodness today has been very chilly.

Anyway, as always it is lovely and warm inside Sawmillers, despite Barney, the Official Greeter being in the best position in the shop, directly in front of the heater. Pictured above is the sample quilt of the Sawmillers Scottie teamed up with the Sawmillers logo block, we have the Scottie template already to applique onto your fabric and these can be purchased singly or in groups, we do have a further idea for Scotties but this is still in the formulating stage.

We are in the midst of planning future promotions at Sawmillers, so keep checking back to see how much progress we are making and what the details are.

We have very much enjoyed the groups of ladies who visited Sawmillers and Stonestead today, I would like to thank Julie for all her help, and on the strength of this you will be seeing more of her in the future, as she will be assisting at Sawmillers from time to time. Pictured below is a closeup of the Scottie and until next time.

Happy Quilting.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Display

4 Sep

Hi Everyone,

Using our statistics as an indication The Very Hungry Caterpillar range is creating huge interest,hence the phone ringing non stop requesting postal orders, we thought you would like to see the extensive range that we have at Sawmillers,  as you can see we have it all.

Why not call up to Sawmillers at the weekend and then go over to Stonestead for a delicious Devonshire Tea.

Wishing you all a great weekend and Happy Quilting.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Has Arrived!

2 Sep

Hi Everyone,

Well, after all the waiting ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ range has finally arrived in Upper Hutt at Sawmillers Quiltery, the panel pictured above is just delightful, but having said that the supporting designs in the range are beautiful too, the primary colours are delicious, pictured below is the design with the different food pictures they are the cutest things, almost makes you hungry looking at them, but the one I think is the very best is the white with the bright green caterpillar on it, so lovely.So all those customers who asked for panels to be set aside or posted to them, will be contacted, as these have already been set aside, the range will be on display at Sawmillers as from Thursday 4th September, Fat 1/4ers will also be available in the supporting fabrics too.

If you are unable to get up to Sawmillers, phone us on 04 526 2517 and I am sure we can assist you, but don’t wait too long as some of the range will go very fast I am sure.

Until next time, Happy Quilting

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