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Crazy Patchwork: Free Instore Demo

26 Jun

Hi Everyone,

After yesterdays excitement this is a brief posting to remind all those who are interested that we shall be having a Free Instore Demo at 1.30pm on Sunday 28th June on Crazy Patchwork, so if you would like to see how this lovely style is constructed come and see us, or if you want help come along and have your questions answered.

Today is also The International Take Your Dog To Work Day, so Barney and Archie are here at Sawmillers, not able to give autographs but tail wags instead.

Have a great day and until next time

Happy Quilting.


‘Retailer of the Year’ Nomination and Capital Quilters.

25 Jun

SawmillersQuilteryHi Everyone,

Well, what a wonderful surprise in the mail today, Sawmillers has been nominated for Retailer of the Year, what a huge surprise and honour too, a big thank you to those responsible, we are very grateful and it means that we may be on the road to achieving what we had envisaged when we were researching and planning the project the 3 years prior to opening Sawmillers last year.

It is a pleasure to be able to introduce newly released fabrics and all the other associated quilt and stitching products, and we are endevouring to continue this, especially by attending the recent wholesale quilt expo in Sydney and also later in the year at Houston.

We have a wonderful selection of visiting tutors whose classes are always friendly, inspirational, and very professional and we really enjoy having them here at Sawmillers.

The UFO, Thursday Stitchers and Thursday Evening Group of ladies are super, they are a constant source of loyalty and support not just to Sawmillers but each other too, and all have great senses of humour.

We shall now await the results which are being presented at a Gala Evening on 22nd July, but even if we are unsuccessful the thrill of being nominated is more than enough.

I also wanted to remind everyone that it is the Capital Quilters monthly meeting on Saturday at 1.30pm, so if you want to be inspired and meet like minded piecers and quilters, why not go along, you will be made most welcome.


I can’t finish this posting without making mention of Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant (Unpaid) there has not been a day since we opened that Barney has not kept me company, he is my devoted friend and loves meeting the visitors here, Archie is good too, but does suffer from attacks of idleness, which is when he stays in front of the heater at home and keeps Precious the Cat company.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Free Instore Demo,Alpha Buddies and Geisha Panels

20 Jun

DSCF0032Hi Everyone,

We hope your weekend is going well and you have been able to accomplish lots! Just to let you know we have the Alpha Buddies Panel back in stock, with all the supporting fabrics, lovely and bright and cheery for babies and children.DSCF1105Pictured above is the Geisha Panel we saw at the Sydney Quilt Expo, we have another panel, pattern and fabric here at Sawmillers, these are a very econonomical method of creating a wall hanging, as you only need the panel, pattern and about .70cm of fabric, we have all four colourways that Lonni Rossi designed. We also have Clover notions in store, Chenille Cutters, Unpickers, Bias Makers etc.

If you would like any more details of what we have here, just phone or email and we shall certainly help you, don’t forget we have our Free Instore Demo on Sunday 28th June, at 1.30pm, Dianne will be showing us Crazy Patchwork, I have just completed a block as part of the Star Beginnings class and it was much easier than I had thought and I am so pleased with the result.

By the way we wanted to wish Debbie and Annette, Bon Voyage, they will be  the envy of all piecers and quilters as they leave for America shortly, and will be attending the ‘Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festival‘ in Oregan and also going by ship up to Alaska, have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures and we shall look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return.

Have a great week, everyone, and until next time,

Happy Quilting

We Have Crunchy Grass.

18 Jun


Hi Everyone,

Well, as the title of this post suggests, we do have crunchy grass here at Sawmillers, that’s to say we have a really good frost, all the hedgerows, trees, and grasses are looking so pretty with the frost, but it is very chilly outside and the signs are up on the ramp so be careful as it may be slippy with ice, but it is cozy warm inside and we have lots of beautiful fabrics to see.

Above is one of the new arrivals, these pinks form part of a 20 bolt range of fabrics called ‘Colonies Reserve 1830 – 1865’ by Windham Fabrics, there are also browns, reds, blues and blacks within the range.


Those of you who have visited us will have heard about ‘the‘ cat, well here she is again ‘Precious‘ by name, but certainly not by nature, she currently has a new place to sit, which is by my dishwasher, I think we may have had a mouse under there at some time, and I have a feeling that ‘Precious’ expects another one to pop and say “Hello‘ to her, I don’t think she is going to be in luck!!

If you have a hankering for a lovely homebaked scone with home made jam and cream come and see Kevin at Stonestead, all the heaters are lit and it is lovely and warm, with lots of delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, and whilst you are waiting  for your scone,call over and see Barney and I and   leisurely wander through the fabrics and notions we have.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting.

New Fabric Ranges and UFO Night.

18 Jun


Hi Everyone,

We hope you are able to keep nice and warm, just the climate for patchwork and quilting.

Above is one of the latest ranges we have just received at Sawmillers, it is the prettiest fabric and lovely pastel  shades of Pinks, Blues and Greens, the photograph really doesn’t do it justice, it is called Floral Collection by Lecien we have the entire range available in metreage and Fat 1/4ers. we also have more ranges just arrived too.


This lovely Churn Dash quilt has been made by Kevin and quilted by Sue Burnett, Kevin used fabric from the Nancy’s Blues range and as you can see it is stunning, by the way this isn’t Stonestead Scone making  Kevin.

DSCF1235I mentioned in my last posting that I had been invited to speak to Coastal Quilters, the picture above is of Cheryl and myself, just as we were packing up to leave. I had a lovely time, it was so nice to see familiar faces, and I hope that those who attended enjoyed the meeting as much as I enjoyed being there, if you live in the Paramata area why not go along to a meeting, it is very inspirational and there is a lovely library too, thank you Coastal Quilters.

I shall finish and get back to my Fat 1/4ers and take more pictures of the remainder of the new fabric that has arrived, by the way don’t forget that tomorrow night is Sawmillers Quiltery UFO Night, if you would like Fish n Chips contact me so that I can order them, other than that come along at about 7.00pm for a night of stitching, laughing and inspiration, until next time,

Happy Quilting

My Stash and New Arrivals

11 Jun

DSCF1223Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to get this posting done for days, but with all the fabric that has been delivered to Sawmillers both Kevin and myself have been unpacking, cutting Fat Quarters and changing displays, so todays mission is to take pictures of them and get them posted for you all to see, as a taster we do have a lovely reproduction range from Windham fabrics called Williamsburg New Town Farm, the colours go from that beautiful 1860’s sludgy pink to browns to blues to black, we have the entire range now available.

Our opening picture is of a more personal nature, it is always interesting when visitors come into Sawmillers and select their fabrics which they say is for their ‘stash’, well the picture above is of my ‘stash’, which I think is probably not as big as some and I have been very strong and haven’t got a whole pile of fabric from Sawmillers either, doesn’t it look tidy? That won’t last I can assure you and I do so enjoy going through the fabrics on what I call a ‘me’ day.

Don’t forget the ‘Snow in my Jelly‘ class, the first class is on Thursday 18th June and there a few places left, so be in quick, Jelly Rolls are available in all our ranges and we have the needs list available on registration.

Hopefully there will be another posting tomorrow, before I leave Carol in charge whilst I go to Coastal Quilters Club Meeting, I have been invited to speak, so for those members who have read this please come and say hello to me.

Until then,

Happy Quilting.

Last Day at Sydney Wholesale Quilt Expo.

4 Jun

DSCF0045Hi Everyone,

Well, this is what a wholesale quilt market looks like, this is just a small area and what a great variety of stands there were. Kevin and I have been very impressed and whilst it would be very difficult to make a comparison with the Houston market, which is vast, we feel this has enabled us to network with companies in this part of Australasia, and let’s be honest the freight from here to New Zealand is more economic that from USA.

DSCF0055Pictured above is Nikki, we have just packed in our bags some of the scrummy ceramic buttons we have bought from her stall, Christmas Trees, Hearts and Stars, along with some super patterns which we are going to be using in classes as well as 2 super gadgets, one for holding your scissors and the other for your glasses, but more about those in the next post, and below are more pictures of Nikki’s very attractive stand.

DSCF0052DSCF0054Finally, I have also posted the pictures of the aisle where our agents had their stands, we have just heard from Cheryl at Sawmillers that there are 6 boxes of fabric waiting for us to unpack and we know these are from these agents, you can see how hard these people work, taking orders and showing the retailers the latest in fabrics available.

DSCF0049DSCF0047Just as I am signing off I have also put pictures of some of the quilts that have been on display, and I am looking forward to seeing you when you come and visit  Sawmillers and Stonestead, Kevin has packed the fabric we are bringing back with us and we are hoping that we shan’t have to pay too much in excess baggage, so until next time,

Happy Quilting.


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