Happy Mothers Day

8 May

Hi Everyone,

Happy Mothers Day especially to all those for whom today is their special day, some will be like me and may only have one child nearby and in my case it is my son and my Malaysian girlfriend in law sharing the day with me or you may have all your family to visit or give you a special treat, Kevin has lots of families booked for Devonshire Cream Teas today, so there will be lots of mothers at Stonestead.

But, I am sure there will also be those like me who have received cards and perhaps gifts from children living further away and can’t get home, in my case I have spoken with Samantha in USA and Georgina in London and have received lovely gifts, pictured below.

These are my gifts from my daughter Samantha and son in law Lance a Liberty of London Pincushion and matching Needlecase, which they got for me whilst visiting London a short while ago.

This is my gift from Georgina and her partner Ferry in London, a recipe book from Fortnum and Masons for their famous afternoon teas, scones, shortbread and my favourite expression ‘ fancies ‘ I shall definately be baking this week, perhaps the the Stilton and Fig Tartlets which sound ‘delish!’ as Stacy would say!!!

So here is hoping you all have a wonderful day,

Until next time

Happy Quilting

My youngest ‘children ‘


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