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Queens Birthday Weekend Shop Hours

27 May

Hi Everyone,

I have just realised that I hadn’t posted the Queens’ Birthday Holiday shop hours, so here goes, we shall be open

Thursday 28th May       10.00am – 4.30pm

Friday      29th May       10.00am – 4.30pm

Saturday  30th May      10.00am – 4.30pm

Sunday    31st  May       10.00am – 4.30pm

Monday   1st June         10.00am – 4.30pm  Queens Birthday

On Tuesday Kevin and I leave to attend the Wholesale Quilt and Craft Expo in Sydney, having attended quilt market in Houston, we are interested to see what the southern hemisphere distributors have to offer, and we shall be on the lookout for more exciting stock for Sawmillers, we shall be returning on Friday but we shall have Cheryl to look after you, and she will be able to help you with any enquiries and advise you on fabrics, notions etc.

Until next time, Happy Quilting


Threads and Embellishing

24 May


Hi Everyone,

What a wild, windy and wet weekend we have had, the lovely trees surrounding Sawmillers and Stonestead are now rather thinner than last week having had branches and leaves torn from them. As I write this Kevin is taking his wheelbarrow around the garden picking up all the debris, only thing is as fast as he picks up more gets blown down. Some  our visitors have said it must be chilly as Kevin is wearing long trousers!!!

Having said that we are all snuggly warm inside Sawmillers and Stonestead so don’t be concerned about the cold in either of these establishments.

Above is a picture of the new thread we now have in Sawmillers, these are lovely for embellishing your quilts or any surface stitchery, the colours are just beautiful, from vibrant reds, blues jades and yellows to more muted shades of greens, greys and mauves to name a few. Alongside this basket is another with Metallic threads in a huge range of colours, some can be stranded and others can be couched, lovely for outlining your quilt blocks, I have seen this used to outline oriental motifs with Dorset Feather stitch.

Another arrival is the Light Box, this is a terrific gift for any quilter or embroiderer, it is nice and compact with the flex being tucked away inside when not in use, there is a low energy light bulb and not too strong to hurt the eyes with glare.

Well, it is time to open the doors, Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant is laying in front of the heater, but I am sure  he will give a warm welcome to our visitors.

Until next time, Happy Quilting


New Look Newsletter/Blog

23 May

Hi everyone,

What do you think of our new look, hasn’t Samantha done a great job, we shall be doing lots more over the coming months, but the most immediate will be highlighting a certain fabric each month. I get to tell you all about the fabric, colours, ideas etc. so keep an eye out.

DSCF1160This is the latest arrival at Sawmillers, it is a pretty 30’s style called Granny’s Treasures designed by Nancy Mahoney for P & B Textiles, it blends well with other fabrics at Sawmillers and we shall be expanding our stock of this delightful range of fabrics, in fact we are now waiting to see what was released at Pittsburgh Quilt Market last weekend.

The other new arrival is a range of Clover products, we have Chenille Cutters, Bias Tape Makers, Yo Yo Makers and Un Pickers.DSCF1093

I have also posted a picture of a beautiful quilt made by Debbie for her sister in law, how lucky she was to receive this, the main fabric Debbie used was part of the Simplicity range we had here at Sawmillers.

Don’t forget the Snowball Jelly Roll class, this is being held on 18th June, not 4th as previously advertised, this is great way to use the Sawmillers Strips (Jelly Rolls ) we have here at Sawmillers, call and register for this lovely class taken by Dianne.

We hope you have great time stitching and quilting and until next time

Happy Quilting.

Sawmillers Bush Fire Quilt

22 May

Cal10Hi Everyone,

Above is a picture of the lady who selected the Sawmillers Bushfire Quilt, you may remember we donated this bright and cheerful Heather Bailey fabric range quilt to the appeal, it was quilted by Sue Burnett of Sue B’s Quilting Service in Island Bay, who kindly donated all her services, batting etc. we were very grateful, as you can imagine. Kelly Wickenden of Fernview Cottage Longarm Quilting distributed 144 quilts along with knitted products too, she said the response was amazing, so if you have a moment go through to the Fernview Cottage web site and see the pictures that were taken on the day, they are very thought provoking and touching too.

I have also posted another picture of a little boy whose face tells it all, the ‘fish’ quilt he is holding came from New Zealand too.


Until next time, Happy Quilting.

Our Next Class

18 May

DSCF1151Hi Everyone,

We have just had a great weekend of classes, on Saturday we held our first ‘Stack n Whack’ class tutored by Adrienne Nelson, it was great and I have received so many compliments, thanks Adrienne, we have another class booked for October.

On Sunday we held the Charmed Bag class tutored by Dianne Barnden, this was a super class too, lots of happy ladies went home with completed or almost completed bags, we booked this again later in the year and today I ordered more Black and White fabric too.

Pictured above is the shop sample of ‘Star Beginnings’ come along and have a look at it, we are still taking registrations for this class, in fact I am going to be  a pupil this time as I am so impressed with the techniques that will be covered, you will learn Crazy Patchwork, Fast Flying Geese, Applique and lots more.


Until next time, Happy Quilting.

New Block of the Month and Thank You

12 May


Hi Everyone,

Firstly thank you for the kind messages after our break in, we received a lovely email from a customer who offered to loan some of the equipment that had been stolen, Kevin is very grateful and sends his thanks to you.

Well, onto our new exciting Block of the Month, it has been designed specifically for us and we love it! This is actually a Mystery BOM, I can hear groans from those who like to know what the end product is going to be and want control over their project, but take it from me this is a lovely quilt, the fabric is designed by Jane Shasky for Henry Glass and has roses scattered across it, we have used all the supporting fabrics that are in the range, so you know everything blends well together. Apart from the pieced blocks there are two blocks with Applique, and you don’t have to be experienced to do any of this quilt which can be made by beginners just as easily as more experienced piecers and quilters. We have 2 colourways, Cream and Aqua and because we are limiting how many can participate in the programme we have decided to make registrations on a first come first serve basis, the programme lasts for 8 months so you will have it completed by the end of the year. On registering you will receive your welcome and border fabric in the colourway of your choice as well as your first block, so you will be all set to go, don’t let this lovely quilt pass you by, this is a limited programme, so don’t wait too long to register, just phone us or email for any other details or why not come up and see us, as we have the first block in both colourways on display.

DSCF1062You may have remembered the posting about the book signing we held, when our tutor Dianne (L) and her friend Dennielle came to Sawmillers to sign the ‘Circuit Riders Quilt‘ book which their quilts and patterns were featured in, we had a great time and it was lovely to finally meet Dennielle, who I gather  regularly checks this blog/newsletter to see the happenings here at Sawmillers. Well, Dianne came on Saturday to take the first class for the ‘Christmas Capers‘ quilt and unbeknown to us had a very sore knee from a surgical procedure she had had earlier in the week, she was great, how she managed to teach for 3 hours I don’t know, but I have to say she looked pretty seedy when she left, I just want to say a big thank you from Kevin and I for being dedicated enough to continue with the class despite feeling unwell, Get Well Soon, Dianne, and Thank you.

On the subject of Dianne I must mention her husband Chris who competed in a Professional Boxing match a few weeks ago, what a courageous man, I gather this was something he had been wanting to achieve for years, and he just went for it, training solidly for months, and did really well, the result was very close by all accounts. Congratulations, Chris.

We hope you all have a very productive week and look forward to seeing you when you are able to call and see us, until next time.

Happy Quilting.

Another Black Monday.

5 May

Hi Everyone,

Well as the title suggests we have been targeted again for a burglary, this time it is the hallowed ‘Kevin’s Shed‘ as you can imagine it had lots of manly stuff in it, all the necessary tools for any self respecting DIY man.

So somewhere out there is a chain saw, router and skill saw to name a few, which used to live at Stonestead, anyway the police have been informed as well as the insurance company, so now the job of trying to work out what has been stolen has begun and  we all have to do now is not only find the missing items  (unlikely) along with our sign from the main road that has been missing since before Easter, I can’t help but wonder if the sign is suspended in a bedroom somewhere.

I have to say we seem to have had a run of bad luck lately, starting with the break in and burglary at the dance school, the hassles with the asphalt scam, Kevin’s broken arm, the missing road sign and now the shed break in, I think the old adage of ‘happening in threes’ has gone awry this time. So until the next posting and the latest news.

Happy Quilting.

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