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Kevin and Yvonne Do Intercourse ( But Not What You Think!)

30 Sep


Hi Everyone,

As the title of this posting suggests Kevin and I visited Intercourse, PA as well as Bird in Hand these last two days, today was very memorable as we managed to drive there and back without getting lost, whereas yesterday we toured the city of  Wilmington, DE for an hour trying to get back to my daughter Samantha’s home, this proved to be quite an adventure and we were able to see parts of the city Samantha hadn’t seen even though she has lived here for four years! Above is the typical mode of transport for the Amish people, there are hitching posts at most of the shops in this area, where they can tie up their buggies whilst doing their shopping and chores.


As you can see the Halloween season is upon us and this shop not only had  a quilt on display but pumpkins and  plant pots of chrysanthemums in beautiful yellows, rusts and creams.


This well known shop is Zooks, owned and run by an Amish family, they had a vast range of fabrics some of which we stock in Sawmillers, all the lighting is produced by gas and most of the shop assistants were Amish ladies.

DSCF0126I think everyone will recognise the ‘Old Country Store’, this is world famous and has huge stocks of fabrics all a bit overwhelming, the display of quilts for sale was many and varied, some were priced at US$1600.00, the workmanship was superb and mainly hand quilted, the one that took my eye was a Baltimore with the most exquisite needle turned applique, I thought of Judy and her patience with me and my leaves

DSCF0127Kevin has said I did very well to get two cars in this picture!


These two quilts were hanging outside the Log Cabin Quilt Shop at Bird in Hand, PA.


DSCF0125The last time we visited this shop just two years ago, the previous owners had sold the shop and there was very little stock, when we returned here yesterday we found it full to the brim with quilts, fabric, patterns and notions, the Mennonite lady shop assistant was very interesting to listen to, she was telling a party of German tourists how there language was spoken in church and school.

Well, it is time I finished this posting, I am missing Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant very much, but I have from DH that ‘the boys’ are fine.

So until next time,

Happy Quilting


Quilt Shops USA

28 Sep


Hi Everyone from Pennsilvania,

Well this is the Quilt Block shop that belongs to Jan and Cynthia, we met these delightful ladies when we were here just two years ago prior to opening Sawmillers, they were so helpful and then we were fortunate to meet up with them again in Houston and were able to compare notes. Their shop has now been open for just over two years and is so lovely, they have wonderful array of fabrics, none of which we have seen before, so is all the more interesting, they were able to tell us which classes are currently the most popular with them, along with the most popular notions, it was very pleasing to hear that the notions that are popular here in  the USA are the same ones that we like in New Zealand too.


Pictured above are Cynthia and Jan, they made us so welcome and whilst I was paying for my ‘goodies’ ( I just had to buy some fabric!) Kevin struck up a conversation with a customer who was wearing a tee shirt with a Kiwi emblen on the front, naturally we had to find out how she got it and even better she and her husband had spent three weeks in New Zealand last year.


This lovely shop is in Chadds Ford, PA and is called the Quilters Corner, the ladies here were also very welcoming and helpful, they had some beautiful Dragonfly and Ladybird fabrics, so we shall look into sourcing those on our return.We shall be making a new post after our visit to Lancaster in the next few days, as well as the trip we made to Fredericksburg and Baltimore over the weekend

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Update from the USA

25 Sep

DSCF0108Hi Everyone,

Well, as you can see by the departure board picture Kevin and I have begun our exciting USA adventure, we are en route to the 2009 Houston Quilt Market being held in two weeks time, but prior to that we are visiting my daughter Samantha and son in law Lance at their home in Wilmington, Delaware, we are very lucky to be able  to stay with them as it means we shall be able to tour around the area visiting all local quilt shops and see how the shops are run in USA as well as spending time with one of my precious daughters. We were fortunate to have an uneventful but lengthy journey to get here with an  eight hour transit in San Francisco, Kevin and I decided to remain at the airport rather than venture into the city as we had already visited there a few years ago. I have posted a few pics of the airport and Kevin attempting to play Chess on the computer!DSCF0109DSCF0111Below is Samantha’s dog Arnold, he is cuddling up to a quilt Samantha has just completed, it is a Chinese Coins design and she used fabric from Sawmillers, it is lovely and she has machine quilted it herself, I am missing Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant terribly, so Arnold will be a stand in for the short time, I gather from DH that Archie 3rd Assistant ( Unpaid ) is suffering from ‘separation anxiety’ as well.DSCF0113Today we have been visiting local shops and I have decided to write a separate post for this, don’t forget Sawmillers is remaining open as usual, we have Cheryl and Julie looking after things for us, they are very welcoming and will be able to help with all you queries, we hope everyone enjoyed the UFO Night and the Thursday Ladies are all OK.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Wide Back and Christmas Placemats

20 Sep

Hi Everyone,

We have just received our new range of wide backs, these come in five colourways and are 250cm wide, just think no sewing seams to join your backing fabric.

DSCF0107Pictured above is one of our many Christmas projects, we are taking bookings for these Christmas Place Mats they will begin on Tuesday 3rd November at 7.00pm and will go for 3 weeks, all the fabrics are available at Sawmillers and you will learn “Quilt As You Go” and Applique techniques, we are also taking bookings for the Christmas Yo Yo Wreath class, this is a fun and easy class & will be held on Sunday Mornings and Afternoons.

DSCF0624On a more sombre note, I am sure you will all join with me and pass on your condolences to Dianne Barnden our resident tutor here at Sawmillers whose father sadly passed away during the week, we are thinking of you Dianne and look forward to your return here with all your friends.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

We have Fairies in our garden (well, Sawmillers anyway)

10 Sep

DSCF0100Hi Everyone,

As you can see we finally have Spring here at Sawmillers, the blossom looks beautiful, as does the Stonestead garden, let’s hope we have had the last of the cold weather.

Onto deliveries here at Sawmillers, after much waiting we have finally received our Fairy Fabric, this has been on order for months and we know that it has been available elsewhere but we have the whole range of Periwinkle and Apple Blossom, I have posted the pictures for you to see to give you a taster.DSCF0086DSCF0087DSCF0091DSCF0094Aren’t these fabrics delightful, just imagine a quilt for a little girls room, but also for an older girl? too. Anyway,we wish you all a great weekend and if you are going to Hamilton, drive carefully and have a lovely time.

Our Happy Wanderers have arrived in England and we have heard that they have already had adventures in Singapore and Bremen, Germany, take care ladies and we look forward to Installment 2. Pictured is Barney, Official Greeter and No 2 Assistant, he has been a bit sad lately having suffered from a sore back leg, he has been to see Peter the Animal Dr who isn’t sure what it is, but he is taking the pills, a progress report on DH, he has returned to the practice and despite a head cold is doing very well and enjoying working every day.

DSCF0081Until next time,

Happy Quilting.

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