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Losing Your Marbles and Riley Blake

28 Mar

Hi Everyone,

I think the title of this posting is self explanatory as we have just received the new ‘Losing Your Marbles’ range by Fabric Freedom, these are really lovely and will be a great asset to any ones stash, the colours are lovely and clear and the cotton a wonderful quality, as always from Fabric Freedom, we have more arriving over the next few months.

We are really thrilled to be stocking the ‘Summer Song’ range by Riley Blake Designs, this range is in a great shade of pink, not only the large print, but Polka Dots and Stripes too, great for binding, come in and see it for yourself.

The other new fabric that has arrived is the cutest novelty, as you know due to space restrictions we don’t stock many novelties, but this one really stood out, see what you think, it would be lovely for a lap quilt for all ages, I think toddlers would love it and the colours in it give you loads of possibilities for blenders.

Well, I am going to go, I want to finish the quilt I am making for a shop sample so that I can get it quilted, this will be the first pattern from the ‘Barking Barney’ range of patterns which will be stocked here at Sawmillers.

I am also in the throes of organising a new method of keeping in touch with you all, I shall still be writing the blog and adding pictures, but now we are moving into email marketing, this means you will receive an email with pictures and then you can go to the blog to see a more detailed update, rather than just the boring text you have been receiving up until now. I had a ‘go‘ last week and sent an email out to a random number of subscribers and the response has been very positive, so all I have to do now is fine tune everything, Barney thinks it great ,as he sits by my feet and hears me cursing that I have ‘lost’ text or pictures into the ‘black hole’ which is technology!

So until next time,

Happy Quilting and let us know what you think of the new email campaign.


New Arrivals

21 Mar

Hi Everyone,

Well, it’s florals all the way here at Sawmillers at the moment , not so long ago it was ‘Roses’ by Jackie Robinson for Maywood and just delivered this week is the new ‘Pansy’ range by Fabric Freedom, as you can see by the pictures this is a lovely vibrant range, you have a multitude of options when you incorporate it with blenders, I think the posy range would look great in an Attic Windows design.

How about this lovely print, this has proved very popular already, but I am unsure if I can get more, lovely for a little girl, but equally suitable for a feature fabric. Just remember you can always phone for more details and if you have run out of a fabric I can try and source it for you.

As I hurtled around the garden looking for Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant I came upon these plants just going into seed, autumn must be  upon us now, but they are lovely. Today is a lovely sunny day here at Sawmillers but look at the picture just taken looking down the valley, hope it isn’t coming here!

Before I go places are filling for the ‘French Potpourri’ class so don’t wait too long to enrol and learn to make this lovely project.

We hope you have a great day and look forward to seeing you soon, all celebrations are over for now, Samantha had her birthday in USA last week, I was really stuck on what to get her, I had decided I wasn’t going to fall back on the ‘old faithful’ and send jewelry, so sent her,  would you believe it a couple of patchwork books, Material Obsession and Amy Butler, she was very pleased and when I next see I can look at them too, although by that time volumes 5 and 6 will have been published.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

The Birthday That Just Keeps Going.

12 Mar

Hi Everyone,

Well, after the fabulous weekend last week, my special birthday continues and I have decided to be indulgent yet again, so above are the gifts I have received from my family, the woven basket is just one of a set including a magazine rack from our daughter Claire in Wanganui, along with lovely pie dish ( in use as I speak) the James Martin recipe book was a gift from our daughter Georgina and her partner Ferry in London, I have an affinity with James Martin as he was a celebrity in Celebrity Come Dancing in England, as well as the book Georgina made the lovely pendant for me, I had no idea she was into jewelry making, so it was a great thrill to receive something she had made herself.

Whilst Kevin and I were in the USA last year, I very much admired the Vera Bradley Laptop Bags, but decided to wait as I felt it was a want not a need, but guess what our daughter Samantha and her husband Lance gave me one for my birthday and of course it just had to be blue, as well as the bag they also gave me a ‘chook’ to put on my Pandora bracelet, after telling everyone in the shop in the US that I was a ‘spring chicken’ I think I would have said ‘silly as a chook’ myself. So as you can see I received more lovely gifts which I shall treasure.

Before I finish there is a bit of housekeeping to do, and remind you all that the Baltimore class commences this week, there is still room if you would like to join Judy to learn this lovely style. Our UFO Night is next Friday 19th March, if you would like Fish n Chips phone to order, otherwise join us upstairs at the Tea House. I can’t believe it is almost Easter and there will be an Easter display next week in Sawmillers, this will include Jim Shore Easter figurines, come and have a look when you next pass. The Capital Quilters Raffle Quilt is still here for you to see, the tickets are going really well and very reasonable at $2.00 each, why not take a gamble and buy a couple, you have to be in to win.

I have posted a picture of Cooper in USA, he now rings a bell when he wants to go outside, what a clever little Jack Russell.

Until next time, Happy Quilting

An Indulgent Post.

7 Mar

Hi Everyone,

As the title suggests this is my indulgent day and  I am focusing on a big thank you today.

For probably the majority of those who follow our happenings here at Sawmillers you wouldn’t be aware that yesterday Saturday was my birthday, and was one of those milestone ones if you know what I mean, and what a day it turned out to be. Kevin, George, my husband and James my son were going to take me out for dinner in Wellington, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I walked into Stonestead on the pretext of collecting Kevins’ wallet & having a cuppa, to find all my quilty friends there, I had no idea that this was being planned, there was the hugest chocolate Birthday Cake, iced with my name and beautifully decorated, and all my friends singing Happy Birthday.

What a wonderful evening it was, everyone had bought dishes for dinner, a wonderful array of savoury and desserts, there was champagne, the cake of course and also cards, but also the most exciting thing of all was that each of these ladies had all embroidered a block in red work and now I have enough to make a quilt, even one lady who only returned from a trip away on Tuesday gave me a William Morris Fat Quarter which I can use in the quilt too.

As you can see by the picture above the blocks are beautiful , so I have big thank yous to Dianne, Julie, Liz, Bridgit, Cheryl, Mamie, Kath, Helen, Patricia, Carol, Libby, Adele and also Beverley who phoned me from England! I also have a huge thank you to Kevin for allowing a group of ladies to use his home for the ‘do’ and George and James for going along with things. I can understand now why certain happenings which seemed a bit puzzling at the time occurred, for instance Bridgit seemed to have an issue talking and looking at me at the same time over the past few days, there was also a lot of whispering too, then there was the Thursday Stitchers who didn’t appear to be stitching much on Thursday, I know now it was because they were all hiding there half completed blocks from me when I went to speak to them! I feel very privileged to know you.

Thank you all for what will be a wonderful memory that I will treasure always.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Capital Quilters Raffle Quilt

4 Mar

Hi Everyone,

These pictures are of the Capital Quilters Raffle Quilt, I love it, probably because it is in my favourite colours – Blue and White, but apart from that the workmanship it terrific, we are very lucky here at Sawmillers to have been given this to display for a short time, come and have a look and perhaps buy a ticket, they are only $2.00 a bargain!

I had a wonderful time at the Capital Quilters meeting on Saturday, even though I was giving the Plan B talk on our trip to Houston and had such a lot of help from Julie Manu, I also had our daughter Claire with me, she is the ‘mother’ of Barney and Archies’ cousin Treacle, now is the time for apologies, I really messed up the last post, firstly Treacle is a Pomeranian not a Papillon, he is a she and my grand daughters friend is Sommer not Summer !!

Anyway, having done all the apologies, I thought I would remind you that the Baltimore Class commences on Thursday 18th March, Judy Betts has an alternative centre block on view here at Sawmillers, so come along and have a look at it, it really is lovely, we do have limited spaces available.

We hope your week has gone really well and if you are coming our way call in and see the class samples and perhaps go over and see Kevin and have a Devonshire Tea at Stonestead.

Until next time

Happy Quilting

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