Sawmillers Bargain Table & Other Stuff For Sale

5 Oct

Hi Everyone,
The 40% Off Sale is progressing very well & for those who come into Sawmillers will see the stock has reduced a lot, but there are still bargains to be had
This week we now have a Bargain Table, these are items that we may have used to enhance displays of fabric or shop samples as well as my beloved Husqvarna Designer 1 Sewing Machine, I am reluctant to sell this but we really don’t have the room for it, I have really enjoyed sewing with it & I had a USB fitted last year to enable me to download embroidery designs, but alas I have never had time to use it!! It has all the hoops required for embroidery as well as the embroidery unit of course, come in & have a look at it & see the examples of embroidery I did get a chance to do!!!
We also have Quilt Racks for sale at $75.00, & a Quilt & Craft Table for $190.00
All the pictures are her for you to see

Looking forward to seeing you


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