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Happy Sawmillers New Year.

30 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Well this our final posting for the year, it doesn’t seem possible that this has been our second Christmas here at Sawmillers. This time of the year is when we think of all the happenings throughout the year, the highlights for us, are mainly firsts, The Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival was a definite highlight and a first as well,  the next first was our Sale we held in August this was then followed by our Post Houston Info Evening which was another first.The Quilt Festival.

Sawmillers First Sale.

Post Houston Info Evening.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their patronage throughout the year, this includes a big thank you to the Tuesday Night Lesson Ladies, the Wednesday Night Ladies, the Thursday Night Ladies, the Thursday Stitchers and the UFO Night Stitchers too, not forgetting all those of you who attended the classes we held during the year, the popularity of these has been wonderful, but we wouldn’t be able to hold them without the tutors, they being Dianne Barnden, Adrienne Nelson, Judy Betts, and Heather Harding, thank you ladies.

Dianne Barnden demonstrating at Sawmillers.

To enable us to give you the best possible product we can get, we must also thank the following who represent the companies we dealt with through the year

Christine Hartigan of Nutex, Christine Collecutt of J.Leutenegger Pty Ltd., Chris Wyn of  Craftco, Peter Gardiner of Arthur Rowe, Ken McDonald of McDonald Agencies and Claudia of Tiffanies Treasures.The year has not been without its’ dramas and sadness, the burglary at DancZport, Kevins’ dance school as well as in the shed next to Sawmillers created a few hassles, then the scam regarding the drive resurfacing, there was also the loss of  Arnold in the USA, but then the arrival of Cooper and also Precious in Upper Hutt.Coopers 1st Christmas

We have some more great things lined up for 2010, in fact more firsts, but we shall keep you informed of those as the year progresses, but keep the end of February  to mid March in mind as that is when our first, 1st is going to be.

So until the next posting Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant, Archie 3rd Assistant ( Unpaid.) Kevin and myself wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing you when you visit either Sawmillers or Stonestead.

Sawmillers re-opens on Thursday 7th January at 10.00am.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting


The Penultimate Posting and 4 Sawmillers Shopping Days Left.

16 Dec

Hi Everyone,

As the title suggests there is only one more posting to go before the Holidays. We hope you have all been able to get those last minute jobs done, if you are stuck for quilty gifts call and see us, don’t forget we close on Sunday until early January.

We have also just received some lovely Dragonfly fabric, we had stocked one of these before, but we now have another with slightly smaller dragonflies and a lovely pastel shaded dragonfly fabric, with sparkly wings, this would be great for a little girls quilt.

There are still a few pieces of Jim Shore Figurines remaining and some Fat Quarter novelty containers too, we also have the new X Block Rulers and Patterns just arrived from USA, as well as the new acrylic templates, these are all on display on the new nortion and patterns stand that Kevin has made.If you are really stuck on what to get why not call and get and a  Sawmillers Gift Voucher, these are a great idea and solves lots of dilemmas.

So until next time,

Happy Quilting

Dancing With Upper Hutt Stars and 5 Days To Go.

12 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a busy day for Kevin and I as it was the final Medal Test for the year at DancZport, Kevin’s dancing school, we were very lucky to have Carol and Julie look after the Tea House and Sawmillers, freeing us up for the afternoon to partner our pupils through. We had great day, with high marks attained by everyone, the youngest candidate was about 10 years old and the eldest was 70 years young. Kevin and I partnered pupils in the evening who went to great efforts to dress accordingly, so Kevin and I also wore our competition wear, Kevin in tails and I in my ‘sparkly’ dress. The pupils did a variety of styles from Ballroom to Latin American to New Vogue, some pupils danced two dances and some as many as five.

Well Done  everyone, you all did so well, and a big thank you to the ‘quilty’ people who also joined us and even had a dance too.

Barney and I still have some of the Christmas goodies that are remaining, so if you are stuck for gifts for quilters come and see us and don’t forget there are also vouchers available to, which are great if you can’t decide what to get, but we can also make suggestions in the price range you are looking at.

Because piecing and quilting followers need to see fabric, the range pictured has just arrived, it is by the English company Fabric Freedom, it is really scrummy, come and have a look at it.

The Registration Form for the 2010 Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival is now available to print off, just go to the link on the right hand side and follow the directions. Don’t forget the summer is a great time to finish projects off .

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

8 Sawmillers Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas.

10 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick posting today to remind you the days are passing very quickly before the ‘big’ day, mind you there will be those who would prefer not to know yet, and I have to say I would be one of those, why does it seem that every year we say we are going to be more organised and yet it never seems to happen. Anyway pictured above are the lovely designer Sewing Machine Totes by Tuzzi, these would be a great gift from a husband, partner or a collective gift from the family. Come along and have a play see how easy they are to move.

This Jim Shore Father Christmas is one of my favourites, I just love his curly shoes, we only have this and one other figurine of this size remaining, we still have Felicity the Cat, Fire Engine, Angels and Hanging Ornaments and a few more figures, these are so lovely with beautiful colours, but the most important thing is that the prices are very reasonable in comparison to elsewhere, we also still have a few block pins and charms, fat quarter sets, little quilt books and lots of other goodies which will be ideal for Secret Santa and Stocking Fillers and not forgetting Sawmillers Vouchers with a Christmas theme.

Pictured here is Cooper, he is Barney and Archies cousin in the USA, he is keeping the Guthrie home on tenterhooks as he becomes an established member of the family. Barney Official Greeter and 1st Assistant is very festive at the moment as he is wearing one of his Christmas Bandanas, he would love to see you all once more, so if you our way call and see hello.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting.

Christmas is at Sawmillers

3 Dec

Hi everyone,

It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is only 23 days away, we seem to have only just got home from Houston. Anyway the Sawmillers Tree is up with its’ famous quilt block lights and bows, but more importantly to all our visitors we have also got a huge variety of quilters block pins to pin on your totes, lanyards etc and charms for bracelets we brought these back with us from Houston too, great stocking fillers for quilters or for Secret Santa gifts.

Now how about this for a display of Jim Shore figurines, from the large variety we had a few weeks ago to just these, they are beautiful pieces and would make lovely gifts, come in and have a look at them, they are all reasonably priced.

Now this table has got quilty goodies on it as well, which we brought back from USA, they are the cutest containers, ideal for quilters but containing fat quarters too, so once the fabric has been used the container can also be used for pins, thimbles and other sewing necessities, we also have little books and rulers from Intercourse,PA as well. Don’t forget we also now have Best Press in stock, this is the best substitute for spray starch, has a lovely scent and doesn’t leave a starchy residue, I use it in Sawmillers for projects and have found it invaluable, all the bottles have atomisers with them and we can also refill the bottles when they are empty.

Oh yes I forgot to mention that the X Blocks, Patterns and Books have all arrived as well as the new acrylic templates for Dresden Plate, Apple Basket etc.

Don’t forget if you are coming to Upper Hutt on Saturday for the Santa Parade come on up afterwards and see our goodies and perhaps have a Devonshire Tea as well.

Last but not least we hope you like the latest blog header of Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant ( Unpaid ), Samantha surprised us with this and we think it really is cute, thanks Samantha. For those wondering where Archie is these days, he has become a bit anti social and prefers to sleep either in my car or stay at home in the chair.

So until next time,

Happy Quilting.

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