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Butterflies and Hydrangeas

31 Oct

Hi Everyone,

Well another Halloween is over, I had two ghouls visit me last night and both were delighted with their wrapped treats.We hope that you were able to see our display of carved lit pumpkins in the window along with the hay bales and pumpkin on the verandah and enjoyed them, we still have some autumnals in stock, very nice for a manly quilt. 

As you can see by the pictures the remainder of the Holly Holderman designed ‘Hydrangea Garden’ by Lakehouse Dry Goods has arrived, the colours are delicious, blues, mauves, pinks and sage greens, this is a re-release as the line has proven so popular, we have Fat 1/4ers available as well. We also have bag patterns to utilise this range

Unfortunately the weather doesn’t look very promising for you gardening enthusiasts and quilters, so if you want a trip out, come and see us at Sawmillers and Stonestead, 2nd and 3rd Assistants are at the ready to greet you.

Until next time, Happy Quilting.


Oooooo! It Must Be Halloween,Boo!!!

29 Oct

Hi Everyone,

Well, we have had our Cupcake day and now a much more famous time of the year is upon us and that is Halloween and whilst we in New Zealand don’t go to such lengths as they do in America, we thought it would be fun to celebrate at Sawmillers with a display of our lovely Wilmington browns, beiges greens and russets along with our pumpkins, straw bales and special ‘batty‘ bunting from the USA, courtesy of Samantha our US representative.       


Why not call in and see these fabrics and plan your next project, you can also see the display quilts for the Chunky Rail Fence patterns and Sashed 5″ Squares.

Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant will be on hand to welcome you and may even have his best friend Archie 3rd Assistant (Unpaid)

Until next time, Happy Quilting.

New Patterns for Strips and Charm Squares

25 Oct

Hi Everyone,

Happy Labour Weekend, we hope you are able to accomplish lots of your craft projects, we have just displayed the new shop sample for the Chunky Rail Fence quilt, this really is a stunning design, made with our Sawmillers 2.50″ Strips, Sharon Perry has designed the quilt and the pattern is available along with the fabric here at Sawmillers, which makes it exclusive to Sawmillers, if you have a chance over the weekend come along and have a look. Incidentally one of our visitors completed this size quilt in a day, and no she didn’t stay up all night!


Also pictured is the Sashed 5″ Squares, this is delightful, all the fabrics are available here too as well as the patterns, we are very lucky to have this association with Sharon Perry of House of Creations Patterns and also with Sue Burnett of Sue B’s Quilting Service, their work is outstanding.No’s 2 and 3 Assistants, both of whom are now on the biscuit payroll.

Until the next time, Happy Quilting

TGIF Pizza and Pavlova Class + The Sydney Trip

23 Oct

Hi Everyone,

Well as promised another update with news from Sawmillers, firstly to remind you all we are still taking enrollments for the ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ Quilt Class with a Pizza and Pavlova meal included, if you would like to join Dianne and me for what will be a great night, get in touch to enroll. You will go home with a super quilt well on it’s way to completion and will have also benefited from making new friends all with quilting in mind.

I also said I would bring you all up to date on the very rushed visit to Sydney, the main object of the trip was to visit our suppliers and see for ourselves the new warehouse that they moved into just over a month ago. It was so interesting, as at last we were able to see where the fabric is held prior to being sent out and as you can see by the pictures it is enormous, with just shelves and shelves of fabric and in the majority of cases already on the bolt, it was quite strange seeing fabric there that we have at Sawmillers as well.

The other pictures are of me selecting the new ranges we are going to be stocking at Sawmillers, as you can see it is such a difficult job trying to eliminate those fabrics which you don’t think will be popular with our customers, if I had my way I would have them all, but the Boss said no! We have received some but the main ranges haven’t been released at Quilt Market in Houston yet, so they won’t be with us until after Christmas, but that isn’t to say we haven’t new fabric coming in before then, in fact we have a new range of Orientals, just a small one but terrific colours, we shall displaying them in the centre of the shop this weekend so shall be posting the pictures soon. I have to admit we were also able to incorporate a visit to the South Pacific Ballroom and Latin American Dancesport Championships this was a 2 day event and we witnessed some fabulous dancing, it means we can also pass on new work to our pupils at the dancing school.

There are more classes starting shortly too so I shall be posting details of those within the next day or so, as well as details of our Halloween promotion and the Outdoor Quilt Festival too.

So until the next time, have a great long weekend and why not call and see us we shall be open on Labour Day and see the new ranges we have, it seems Archie may have to go on the biscuit payroll as he spends more time in Sawmillers than the car now, Kevin has the oven on all ready to make your scones and the heaters are always on so you can be toasty warm at Stonestead Tea House.

Until next time, Happy Quilting.

And Great Fun Was Had By All

22 Oct

Hi Everyone,

As you can see Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie, Unpaid 3rd Assistant were all dressed up to celebrate Cupcake Day here at Sawmillers, the day dawned beautifully and we had a lovely sunny day until just before we closed.We had such a fun day and it was lovely to have Dianne here with me, we shared lots of quilt news, with customers bringing in their projects for us to admire, it amazes me what a variety of projects there are, and all so different and most of all how clever you all are.

Having here Dianne too, meant that we were able to spend more time with our visitors, ensuring they had a nice complimentary cup of tea and their iced and decorated cupcake, and because the weather was so good everyone had the choice of either sitting on the verandah or at the picnic tables that were outside.

We decided to extend the registration date for the Cupcake Quilt Class to enable those who visited us on the day to enroll, this means we only have one place left for this class, which is being held on Friday 21st November at 6.00pm until late, we shall be including dinner with this too, so give us a call at Sawmillers or email for the details, don’t leave it too long or you may not be able to get in.

There will be more postings over next few days as we still have so much to tell you, and keep you informed of the happenings here at Sawmillers, but before I do finish I must make mention of Julie, she is a very loyal visitor to Sawmillers and has made herself available to help out when necessary, but today is a big day for Julie, because as I write this she will be undergoing treatment for the wrist problems she has been  experiencing, and Kevin and I want her to know we are thinking of her and wish her a very speedy recovery and an early return to stitching.

Until the next time, probably tomorrow, Happy Quilting

Cupcake Day Is Nearly Here

15 Oct

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post today to remind you all of the upcoming promotion weekend here at Sawmillers, we wanted to celebrate National Cupcake Day on Saturday October 18th, the weekend actually begins on Friday 17th in the evening with a Cupcake Quilt Class, the quilt you will make is pictured on the previous posting, it will be such fun to make and all the fabrics are available here at Sawmillers and to help you along we are giving a 5% discount on the fabric required when you register for the class.

I am going to be a pupil too as I want to make the quilt for one of my granddaughters and the colours we have are delicious, come in and have a look at the sample.

This Saturday 18th will find us going all out for the day itself, we have lots of patterns and some kits too, along with a draw that anyone who purchases the fabric will be automatically be entered for, it is a Cupcake Recipe Book, there are also other exciting Cupcake things on display, some can be purchased too, don’t forget all purchases over $15.00 get a complimentary Cuppa and Cupcake!

So for those who are on their way to or returning from the Master Quilters 2008 Exhibition in Masterton call and see us and join in the fun. Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant along with Archie 3rd  Assistant ( Unpaid) will also be a part of the day and will be dressed accordingly.

Until next time, Happy Quilting.

Join us for the Sweet Treats In Store Promotion at at Sawmillers

9 Oct

Well, it is said that a picture says a thousand words, so using that adage, we have installed lots of pictures for you to browse through and to tempt you to come and visit Sawmillers and help us celebrate National Cupcake Day,on Saturday October 18th.

Whilst this day is mainly celebrated in the States we, at Sawmillers thought we would give our piecers and quilters the opportunity to come and be a part of it here in New Zealand too, to that end we are having our very first in store promotion.


The timetable for the weekend is very exciting and we start off on Friday 17th October with a Cupcake Quilt Class, the picture of this is featured above, an ideal quilt for little ( and not so little ) girls or that favourite granddaughter or god daughter, it measures 46.50 ins x 46.50 ins. We shall have all the fabrics on display in Sawmillers from Thursday 16th and those who enroll for the class also gain a 5% discount on their cupcake quilt fabric, we have a great selection of fabric for you to choose from, with just a small sampling featured in the pictures featured.


Because we value our customers, we are also offering a free cupcake and cup of tea for customers who purchase the Cupcake and supporting fabric over the value of $15.00, and for those who want something more substantial Stonestead Devonshire Teas will be open to purchase a delicious cream tea.

Just incase you need some more inspiration there will be patterns available too, the Cupcake Pincushion pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates has been a huge success overseas, and there will also be several patterns for Needlecases, Bunting and Quilts.

If you would like to enroll for the Cupcake Quilt Class or just want details regarding the promotion you can either email Sawmillers at or telephone 04 526 2517 and we shall be happy to answer your queries.

We were most grateful to Cheryl and Julie for looking after Sawmillers last weekend, whilst Kevin and I were in Sydney, they did a terrific job. Our trip to our suppliers went very well, we have been able to order some beautiful fabric for Sawmillers and were also able to have a tour of the new premises, we have decided to devote our next posting to this trip so shall have photos as well for your interest, until then,

Happy Quilting.

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