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It’s Halloween, Our New Welcome Banner and Cooper.

30 Oct


Hi Everyone,

It is almost Halloween and to celebrate we have our carved pumpkins and lights along with our window decorations. In the northern hemisphere it  means that the winter weather has arrived, with snowfalls already in many places, in New Zealand it is a way of welcoming the spring weather and the temperature getting higher. Unfortunately, this year that isn’t the case and we are still feeling wintry blasts and rain, but it will be nice and warm soon, I hope.


This range above has just arrived and is on display in Sawmillers, ideal for a garden trellis quilt, and we have just heard that our new thread Invisafil has arrived in Auckland from Canada, so I can’t wait for it to arrive and unpack it and display it.


These fabrics from Kaufman are wonderfully rich with golds, reds, greens and a delicious cerise pink, these would look great in an asian inspired quilt.


We hope you like our new Welcome banner, we bought this in Fredericksburg, Virginia from a shop full of all type of flags and banners, this particular one is classed as a vintage banner as it was the only one left of it’s kind and we thought it ideal for our visitors to make them feel welcome.

I-like-this-new-toyLast but not least here is Cooper, isn’t he a delight? this is newest member of Samantha and Lance’s family in USA, he is full of vitality and there is somewhat of an uneasy co-existance between Cooper and Olive the cat, like all toddlers he still requires a degree of guidance in his general behaviour and potty training, I am sure you, will along with us, send him huge hugs and look forward to hearing about progress in the coming months.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting.


Barney is Back in Residence.

24 Oct

DSCF0315Hi Everyone,

Well Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant is well and truly settled, he has really enjoyed seeing everyone again, and has just found out that he has a little cousin in USA, a Jack Russell named Cooper, he has just been collected from Fredericksburg and is now in his new home with Samantha and Lance.

We are slowly putting the stock we bought whilst in USA into Sawmillers, for those who have filled in the Survey Forms entitling them to attend the Post Houston Info Evening we have kept some goodies for you to have first pickings, we have patterns, kits and natty notions!! So if you haven’t been up yet to fill out a form, you only until the end of October.

I shall be posting pictures of the latest fabric arrivals in the next posting.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Labour Weekend Hours

22 Oct

Hi Everyone,

A very quick posting to say Sawmillers shall be open over the Labour Weekend including Monday, so if you have time call and see us look at the new fabric we have and perhaps have a Devonshire Tea too.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Back Home Once More and Sad News from USA.

21 Oct

DSCF0113Hi Everyone,

Well we are back home, and what a wonderful experience it has been, we are frantically unpacking the goodies that we mailed over and these will be available for you to see shortly, firstly to those who have filled out the survey and attend the Houston Info Evening and then the remainder will be going into Sawmillers, so don’t forget to come and register, Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant ( Unpaid ) will be with me as from tomorrow Thursday.

This posting is very brief as we have our Beginners Class commencing tonight and there is preparation to do for that, but I can’t finish this before telling you all that Arnold, Barney and Archies cousin in USA has unfortuantely passed away, as I said in a previous posting he had been unwell when we were staying at his home, and the vet was very good but thought that perhaps Arnold’s age was against him, so it was with great sadness that Samantha and Lance lost Arnold last Friday night, we are thinking of them and how quiet life will be at the moment and we send lots of love and positive thoughts to them.

I look forward to seeing you all soon, so until next time

Happy Quilting.

Almost Home and Finding The Panorama Button on the Camera!

15 Oct


Hi Everyone,

Well these are the final pictures from Houston, but I do have lots more and hopefully we can show these at the Post Houston Info Evening.So this picture of the floor is the result of a panorama facility which I found on the camera.


The next two pictures are a sample of some of the beautifully decorated booths.


Below is another panorama ( I said I had found the  button on the camera!) this time of the view from the convention centre where the market was held, as you can see the weather was far from ideal, very misty in the mornings and so windy as the mist cleared, so different from our previous visit two years ago, when it was very hot.


DSCF0305This final picture is looking down on the floor from the second floor, it gives you a birds eye view of the vastness of this event,

So, don’t forget to call at Sawmillers and take part in the very small survey and your name will go into the draw for the Houston Goody Bag, as well as being able to attend the Info Evening and perhaps win a spot prize too. Don’t forget this is a free event.

So until next time, and my reunion with Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant (Unpaid) will be from Sawmillers.

Happy Quilting

Our Last Day at Quilt Market

13 Oct


Hi Everyone,

Well today is the last day of Quilt Market so everyone is rushing around to get in last minute orders with distributors, pattern makers and  fabric manufacturers, at the end of the day, those booth holders who are leaving will be packing up overnight so that the new booth holders can move in and set up to prepare for Quilt Festival. This picture is of the award winning booth from Alexander Henry, as you can see the theme is Halloween with the agents wearing black and the booth decorated with spiders, bats etc. very effective and well deserved.


Kevin and I bought patterns at this booth, these jackets are really easy to make, we have some with us and another order being mailed out.

DSCF0113As you know from previous postings this is Arnold, who is the cousin of Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant (Unpaid) Arnold is my daughter and son in laws little Parsons Jack Russell Terrier, he accompanied them from New Zealand to America eight years ago and is a lovely little man, unfortunately he has been unwell since we have been over here and I have just heard that he is going to the vet this afternoon for a check up, so can we channel good thoughts for a speedy recovery for him? thank you.

So until next time

Happy Quilting

Day 3 at Houston

13 Oct


Hi Everyone,

For all of those visitors who either purchased the Flowers For Emma range of fabric that was so popular or the Sweet Sixteen pattern which uses this range, pictured above is Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs who designed the fabric range, she was lovely and had no objections to us taking photos of her, she has a new BOM in a fabric we are trying to source for Sawmillers.


Also above is our Sawmillers Pin, we have these made especially for us by this pin company and we were very thrilled to see they had used ‘our’ pin to advertise the type of pins they are able to make.We have collected our new shipment of pins along with another pack of assorted pins & charms for the Sawmillers.


This is the new Gail Kessler quilt pattern designed for the Beautiful Choir fabric designed by Gail for Andover, we spoke to Gail today and told her we had visited her shop Ladyfingers, she was very aware that Sawmillers stocks a considerable amount of Andover fabric and was most grateful that we did, so pictured below is a picture of Gail.


I have spoken to DH today and all seems well in Upper Hutt, Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant is fine as is Archie 3rd Assistant (Unpaid) it seems my son James is making up for their lack of exercise whilst I am away by walking them each day! The only drama we have had is Kevin mislaying his wallet along with his credit cards!! We have spent the evening phoning New Zealand and canceling the cards.

Don’t forget the Sawmillers Survey, we are planning a great Post Houston Info Evening, with the main prize and Spot Prizes too as well as the latest news from Houston.

So until next time

Happy Quilting

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