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2 Oct

Hi Everyone,

I really have been very remiss not posting for almost 2 months, the very successful Shop Hop  seemed to keep all the participating shops on their toes and it seems everyone really enjoyed the experience.

I think the majority of the visitors to Sawmillers will have realised that something was going on when there were relieving staff in here, unfortunately my husband passed away just 2 weeks ago after being married 41 years, so all the plans went awry, anyway thank you to all of you who sent cards, flowers and baking it was greatly appreciated, I was very lucky to have 7 out of 8 children come home from UK, USA and Australia, everyone has returned now and so the work begins.

On a lighter side we have new fabric arriving from USA, it has currently left Honolulu so shouldn’t be too long, trouble is I can’t remember what it is, so it will be very exciting.

So until next time, Happy Quilting.


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