More Excitement At Sawmillers.

2 Apr

dscf0970Good Morning Everyone,

It is glorious up here at Te Marua, we even have the french doors onto the verandah open and the sun is streaming through.

Well, we have had the dramas over the asphalt and the burglary at the dancing school and we thought that was it, but not so!

When the road workers were working on the main road, they accidentally knocked our road sign off its’ pole! It looks very empty at the moment, but we have been assured it will be reattached very soon.

When I arrived here yesterday with 2nd and 3rd Assistants to check on a new delivery,  Kevin was working on the extension to his Aviary/ Chicken house, and it was all looking very nice, that is until he was drilling into an upright of wood backed by steel, the drill jumped, he lost his balance, fell off the ladder and broke his arm! I knew things were a tad wrong when the frozen peas came out of the freezer and the arm was laid on top.


Anyway all is well now, he has a lovely white plaster from wrist to just above the elbow and he is adapting to doing most things with his right hand, fortunately that is his preferred hand, he taught dance class last night teaching ballroom and latin, and this morning he is practicing his scone making technique too, so nothing has changed and he is coping very well.

dscf1056We had a great day on Sunday with Dianne Barnden and Dennielle Bohannon, Dianne’s American friend both here signing The Circuit Riders Quilt book for those customers who had ordered copies, Dennielle had two quilts in the book. Dianne has left her quilt with us again, so if anyone would like to order further copies let me know, you can see the quilt on display.

dscf1064Dianne and Dennielle with Glenys after signing her copy of the Circuit Riders Quilt book.

Well, I shall finish this eventful posting, I can hear the ‘leaf blower’ outside so the one armed man is keeping up with his jobs without too much problem.

Until next time, Happy Quilting


One Response to “More Excitement At Sawmillers.”

  1. Bridget 2 April, 2009 at 8:30 am #

    The broken arm hasn’t effected the scone
    they are still lovely to eat.

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