Trading Hours During Symposium

9 Apr

Hi Everyone,

This is just a hasty post to let you have the times Sawmillers are open during the Symposium Week. Those of you who are receiving the goodie bags there is a voucher included for you to come and see us and receive your Symposium Discount. Unfortunately we were unable to receive dispensation from the Easter Trading Laws, so we won’t be open on Good Friday or Easter Sunday, we made the decision to apply to the Department of Labour for permission rather than risk a huge fine. That being the case we shall be open on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday with the Sawmillers Shuttle/Barney Bus available to bring you out to see us, the mini van will have posters on the window so you will know which it is, and the Pick up times are 1.30pm and Drop off at 4.45pm and also 5.00pm and Drop off at 7.15pm. If you have your own transport then just come on out, Sawmillers will be open from Midday on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the shuttle will also pick up on Tuesday and Wednesday at 1.30pm and Drop off at 4.45pm.Then we shall return to our normal hours. Below is a taster of some of the new ranges that we have received in the past week, we shall also have Sawmillers Strips ( Jelly Rolls ) Charm Squares and of course Kits and Fat Quarters too. dscf1079‘Journey’ by Gudrun Erla for Red Rooster, we have the entire range of this story, we also have ‘Alpha Buddies’ by Nancy Murty for Andover fabrics, the colours in this latest childrens print are beautiful, clear oranges, reds, turquoises, yellows and absinthe greens there is also a panel with animal prints on as well, so cute.

Well, I shall finish and hopefully we shall get to meet some of you once more, if in doubt about times etc. just phone on 04 526 2517 or email on enquiries and don’t forget you will be able to have a Devonshire Tea at Stonestead too.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting


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