Last Few Days in Colorado

22 Oct


Hi everyone,

The time has passed so quickly since we arrived here in Denver, & my daughter Samantha & son in law Lance have taken us to some great places

Above is a picture of the famous Blue Bear sculpted by Lawrence Argent from Australia who has lived for many years in Denver, the bear is peering through the windows of Denver Convention Centre, it is a wonderful sight to see


This picture is taken of one of the many sandstone monoliths at the Garden of the Gods, we had a lovely visit here, a very popular attraction near Colorado Springs, the day we were here the rock climbers were also here.


This is a picture of the natural amphitheatre at Red Rocks, famous for open air performances by such groups as The Beatles, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Joan Baez etc.

So now it is time to move onto the business end of this trip as we fly to Houston tomorrow & Quilt Market, we have spent the day visiting quilt shops in Denver & what a variety, anyway my next posting will be from Houston

Happy Quilting


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