Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival Pictures

23 Mar

Hi Everyone,

Here are the remainder of the Quilt Festival pictures, I have also updated the previous post with the place getters quilt pictures, thes picture are in no particular order and a big thanks to Julie Manu for going around and taking them!

IMG_1304A Touch of Romance by Lee Nattrass

IMG_1306Valencia Orange by Debra De Lorenzo

IMG_1307Fairies in my Garden by Helen Boynton

IMG_1308Autumn Blaze by Shirley Mooney

IMG_1309Ben’s Delight by Linda Waters

IMG_1311The Imperial Gardens by Kaye Hamer

IMG_1312Fruit Punch by Cheryl Willcox

IMG_1313Italian Lakes by Sandra Tilson

IMG_1314My Man Michael by Helen Boynton

IMG_1315Bright Spot by Cheryl Willcox

IMG_1316Madeliefe by Shirley Mooney

IMG_1317MS = Marvellous Sister by Anna Smith

IMG_1327Under The Waves by Beverley Fraser

IMG_1328Summer Fields by Debbie Fink

IMG_1329Mustard Mayhem by Kelly Warriner Smith

IMG_1330La Belle Fleur by Irene Anderton

IMG_1332Floral Sampler by Judy Betts

IMG_1333ANZAC by Sue Burridge

IMG_1339Let It Snow by Christine Singleton

IMG_1340Pete’s Quilt by Judy Betts

IMG_1341Blue Facets by Kaye Hamer

IMG_1346Winter/Summer by Margaret Dawson

IMG_1347Summers Day by Trish Barry

IMG_1348Ru’s Quilt by Anita McGhie-Filkins

IMG_1349Oriental Dream by Jill Madgwick

IMG_1351Animal Crackers by Joyce Humphrey

IMG_1352Pyramids by Helen Cocker

IMG_1353Pickled by Rose by Sheryl Anicich

IMG_1355The Pam McMillan Memorial Quilt by Dianne McPhail

IMG_1356Strawberry Fair by Jean Parnell

IMG_1357All Strung Out by Lyn Guild

IMG_1358Canadian Adventures by Camilla Watson

IMG_1359Ruby Wedding by Barbara Calnon

IMG_1360Sashiko Sampler by Anne Cordy

IMG_1362Crossing Noises by Beverley Fraser

IMG_1363Jacob’s Ladder Variation by Jean Parnell

IMG_1364On the Road by Mary Peryer

IMG_1366Absolutely Gone Troppo by Trish Barry

IMG_1367Voyage of My Father by Anna Smith

IMG_1370Grandma’s Quilt by Anita McGhie-Filkins

IMG_1371Communist Partee by Debra De Lorenzo

IMG_1372Butterfly Girl by Christi Clarke

IMG_1373Alaska Photo Album by Beverley Featherstone

IMG_1374Pickle Dish by Debbie Fink

IMG_1375Sarah Snippets from the Fisrt 21 Years by Fiona Hazelwood

IMG_1376Parisian Courtyard by Raewyn Ford

IMG_1377Reagan’s Quilt by Joyce Humphrey

IMG_1378French Countryside by Margie Scotney

IMG_1403Anika by Tania Clarke

IMG_1405Sashiko Stitching by Sylvia Lambert

CRE8 Group, Upper Hutt



IMG_1381IMG_1382IMG_1384IMG_1385IMG_1386IMG_1387IMG_1388IMG_1389IMG_1390IMG_1391Our Volunteers, Bev, Sue, Mike & Meka

IMG_1398Bev Dixon who typed up the catalogue!

IMG_1395Volunteers some helped to hang the quilts in the paddock, whilst others hung them on the line at the front of Stonestead.

IMG_1397Until next time, Enjoy!


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