My Welcome Back

12 May

Hi Everyone,

I just had to show a picture of the Welcome Back wallhanging that Judy Betts made and was on the wall when I returned on Monday, it is so good and I was delighted, thank you Judy.

DSCF1845I seem to be catching up on jobs slowly, but somehow I always seem to forget something and then remember it a 3.00am in the morning! Anyway here are a couple of things I have remembered, firstly Kevin has cut Jelly Rolls in the new French General range ‘La Belle Fleur’ all 2 1/2″ strips, we have also decided to cut Jelly Rolls in the Moda Marbles Brights, there are 2 of the majority of colours so would be enough to use as narrow borders.


Don’t forget to check out the classes, there are few that have filled up, but we can always start a Wait List so when we have enough numbers we can try and get the tutors to take an additional class if required.

We have a new Beginners Class starting in September, this is a follow on from the Table Runner class I run and would be great for those who just want a little more reassurance and learn a few more techniques, I am hoping to load the details for this in the class post in the next few days.

Until next time and Happy Mothers Day & Quilting



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