Smocking Classes

17 Mar

Hi Everyone,

Well, I know we didn’t have much of a summer, but it really is a beautiful day here at Sawmillers, the Official Greeters, Bailey and Poppy are sunning themselves on the verandah, although Bailey gets a tad concerned when the cyclists go past, he really dislikes bikes!!

As I have said in the email I sent out we have been asked for Smocking Classes, so I have added a class to our class list, at this stage I am asking for Expressions of Interest, so go through to the Class page and you will see all the details there.

We had the first class of the Baltimore Quilt course last night, what a great evening we all had, it was good because we had new pupils as well as more experienced so we all got lots of inspiration, I have begun a Wait List for this class so if you are interested let me know as I can arrange for another class to be held.

The wedding plans seem to be going well, and I have been sent lots of ideas for what a Mother of the Bride should wear!! It will be so lovely to spend time with my daughters and their partners and I am hoping my son and his partner will be with us too, fingers crossed.

I have finally had a hold of my latest Great Grandson, Braydon George, he is the most handsome baby and doing really well considering he was premature.

Don’t forget if you want any details of classes other than what is on the Class page just contact Sawmillers and we shall do all we can to help you.

Until next time

Happy Quilting


2 Responses to “Smocking Classes”

  1. scrapydo 17 March, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Fingers crossed that your son and his partner will be going also. Glad Baltimore Class is so in demand maybe one day I’ll also start coming.

    • Yvonne Matthews 17 March, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

      We would love to have you join!

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