Bailey and Poppie’s Christchurch Donation

3 Mar

Hi Everyone,

Most of you will have read the email that we have sent out about the homeless and lost animals in the aftermath of the earthquake in Christchurch.

Bailey, Poppy and myself decided that we should look at this, so we have made up a box of blankets to send down to the SPCA in Christchurch to help them with all the new boarders that they have and no doubt going to be getting, these poor animals whether it be dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, birds etc. need love and warmth, and whilst we can send positive thoughts to them for love we can also send something to cuddle up to for warmth, ( perhaps not the birds!)

So until next time, Happy Quilting.


One Response to “Bailey and Poppie’s Christchurch Donation”

  1. Marjorie Dawson 8 March, 2011 at 9:44 am #

    Wow – you two are really ready and umping into action. I’m glad you are helping the animals.

    A bunch of friends on Twitter got together and we have been fund raising for the SPCA Canterbury (most of them live far away in the US and Europe!) and we have helped raised over $3,000NZ so I hope that will buy a few blankets to add to yours.

    Isn’t it great when animal lovers all over help!

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