The Day Came and Went!

7 Feb

Hi Everyone,

Whilst the weather didn’t look as bad as this picture, it was still a very dismal and murky day at Sawmillers and Stonestead and after much discussion  between all the volunteer ladies and men and of course a cup of tea it was decided to abandon the  much awaited 3rd Annual Outdoor Quilt Festival, we were all so disappointed, but we couldn’t risk the 75 beautiful quilts being hung and then either getting damp from the very fine drizzle or worse getting wet with what could have been a downpour!

So as per the registration sheet the Outdoor Quilt Festival will be held on Sunday 13th February, same time, same place, but as an added bonus it will be the day after our Class Preview Evening which is being held at 7.00pm on Saturday 12th February in the Stonestead Tea House. This gives everyone an opportunity to meet and discuss the classes with the tutors and sign up too.

So until our next posting,

Happy Quilting


2 Responses to “The Day Came and Went!”

  1. Jenny Benton 7 February, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Hi Yvonne

    Best of luck for a nicer day next Sunday! I’m sure that all of us quilting ladies will be there with bells on for our quilting fix!

  2. Julz 7 February, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    Looking forward to SUNday 13 Feb – it will be a glorious SUNny day with lines of quilts swinging in a gentle breeze for everyone to admire and be inspired. Hugs Jx

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