The Day Is Almost Here

5 Feb

Hi Everyone,

Well, tonight is the night that all the volunteers gather at Kevin’s home and we number the quilts and check them against the programme, and whilst we ladies are doing that the men folk are putting up the lines and tent for the George, Mr First Aid Man.

I have received quite a few phone calls asking if it is going ahead, yes it will if the rain keeps away, we couldn’t possibly risk the quilts getting wet, so if in doubt just phone and we can tell you what we are doing.

So all our fingers are crossed and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Until then

Happy quilting.


One Response to “The Day Is Almost Here”

  1. Denniele 6 February, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    Yvonne…so sad to read your show was postponed. I know they are a lot of work and the best part is when the day arrives and you can enjoy it unfolding. I am hoping next week the weather is perfectly clear for you. Love, Denniele PS take a lot of photos

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