Happy New Year

12 Jan

Hi Everyone,

It seems rather late to be wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but Kevin, Bailey, Poppy and myself hope you have all had a great Christmas and New Year and also summer holiday if you have had one.

We had a great Christmas, Kevin had his son, daughter in law and their 3 children for the holiday period and a great time was had by all, he has said how quiet it is now they have returned to Brisbane, the birth of his fourth grandchild is impending and in fact due today, another little Australian and in Brisbane too, this time it is Kevin’s middle son and his wife.

Our house was full of fun with our daughter and grandchild from Wanganui with us along with 3 of her 6 Pomeranians and our sons’ lady for her first Christmas with us and also her sister for Christmas Dinner, we had a lovely time and then we also had Father Kevin to stay at New Year prior to taking a new posting in Burnham.

I hope you have been able to finish some of your projects and that you also received some quilty stuff  from Father Christmas too, I did with gifts of  fabric, books and notions not just from NZ but also UK and USA too, Samantha my daughter in USA gave me the new Jennifer Chiaverini book ‘A Quilters Holiday’ it is lovely and I have almost finished reading it!

Bailey and Poppy are fine although Poppy has been unwell the past week or so and thanks to Beverley and Joan’s loan of a dog crate I have been able to confine her for most of the day, poor Bailey has been very concerned, but he is now a real teenager and is inclined to get a bit rough.

So now the holidays are over and we are looking forward to a new year at Sawmillers with some great events happening, starting with the Stonestead Outdoor Quilt Festival on Sunday 6th February, this our third year so get your quilts registered and into us so we can display them on the day, I know we are always critical of our own work, but we want to be able to showcase every ones abilities so don’t be modest.

If you want more details you can always contact Sawmillers, anyway until next time

Happy Quilting.


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