Sawmillers News

9 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, thank you for all the kind thoughts that have been expressed either personally or via this blog, I am sure all three ladies are very grateful.

I have heard from Dianne, and her son Blair seems to be doing very well, he has left Intensive Care and is now in a ward with the physio visiting, so we just need to send positive thoughts to him.

I shall update you all as soon as I hear more.

A warning to all piecers and quilters, I was very upset to hear from my daughter in London, that despite her Christmas parcel having arrived, Parcel Force wouldn’t release it until 28.00 pounds VAT ( GST) had been paid!! I don’t how a parcel with 2 lap size quilts can incur VAT even though I put gift on the customs declaration, I have decided to pursue this and shall be writing to the British High Commissioner who I am sure will suggest I contact UK Customs! I think I shall be in for a paper war with heaps of bureaucracy, but I shall keep you informed.

Just bear it in mind if you are making quilts with love in every stitch for your loved ones, this sure takes the shine off things!

So until next time, Happy Quilting


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