Too Many Puppies Spoil The Broth!

4 Nov

Hi Everyone,

Still no excuse for not updating this sooner, apart from having 5 month and 4 month old Bichon Frise puppies, suddenly everything comes flooding back from when my children were toddlers, making sure rubbish bins are put on something high, that everything that is found automatically goes in a mouth, that sneakers and other shoes are not safe, nor are any forms of paper especially from important places like banks!!

Having said that they are a delight and whilst I have wonderful memories of Barney and Archie that can never be replaced, these two little characters are becoming my dear friends and they go everywhere with me, not just to Sue Burnett to deliver quilts but also at DancZport where Kevin and I teach dancing, the children love them.

Onto quilty stuff, for those who haven’t been to see us for awhile we have more Riley Blake fabrics in, these are ‘Sweet Divinity’, ‘Domestic Diva’ and ‘Love Birds’ these ranges can all be mixed and matched and the green and brown together are delicious.

There are lots more new patterns in stock with more arriving any day from USA, talking of which we would like to congratulate Dianne Barnden one of our tutors here atSawmillers, her quilt gained 2nd Place at a quilt show in USA, we think that is wonderful.

Until next time, Happy Quilting


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