You Have Note Been Forgotten

2 Jun

Hi Everyone,

I send my apologies for not updating our blog sooner, I have no real excuse other than DH !! As you know we built a new practice for DH and we have been preparing in the past few weeks for our site accreditation, we have been an accredited practice for some years now, but because we moved the practice we had to be audited again to make sure that the new building complied to all the requirements, and I am happy to say we did it!! It has been a hive of activity and DH got very fed up with having to sweep up the leaves from the copper beech tree, but we need not have worried about anything as Jennie our auditor was very impressed with the new set up and in particular the security cage Kevin ( yes the one from Stonestead ) built to keep all our records safe and secure, so we are all accredited until the next review in 3 years time.

Right onto stuff you really want to know about, firstly, the picture above is of my own Star Beginnings quilt I made as a pupil in Diannes class, it is quilted courtesy of Sue B and is now on a bed in one of my spare rooms, I am really pleased with it, there is still room in the class that starts this Friday evening if you are interested, it won’t matter too much if you can’t make the first one, just e mail or phone to book a space.

I used our cotton batting and extra wide backing for mine, the backing is so much easier to use as you don’t have to seam the backing fabric at all and is very reasonably priced too, come and have a look at the selection we have, along with the wool, cotton and dacron battings that are in Sawmillers.

These are the Deco Dance ranges in Blue and Orange both are inspired by Clarice Cliffe and her designs, we think they are beautiful, you can download a free pattern for these through the Fabric Freedom site, perhaps then come and see us and we can help you select the fabric.

Well it is nearly time to get dinner ready and then it is up to Sawmillers for my Wednesday Night group, if you would like more details on what we have, or perhaps you are trying to source a fabric and are having difficulty, call and see us and we shall do what ever we can to help you.

Until next time, Happy Quilting


One Response to “You Have Note Been Forgotten”

  1. julz 3 June, 2010 at 12:06 am #

    Phew – that is a relief. No more auditor stress for 3 years 🙂

    Your star beginnings quilt looks excellent. Really nice colours.

    Hugs Jx

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