Capital Quilters Raffle Quilt

4 Mar

Hi Everyone,

These pictures are of the Capital Quilters Raffle Quilt, I love it, probably because it is in my favourite colours – Blue and White, but apart from that the workmanship it terrific, we are very lucky here at Sawmillers to have been given this to display for a short time, come and have a look and perhaps buy a ticket, they are only $2.00 a bargain!

I had a wonderful time at the Capital Quilters meeting on Saturday, even though I was giving the Plan B talk on our trip to Houston and had such a lot of help from Julie Manu, I also had our daughter Claire with me, she is the ‘mother’ of Barney and Archies’ cousin Treacle, now is the time for apologies, I really messed up the last post, firstly Treacle is a Pomeranian not a Papillon, he is a she and my grand daughters friend is Sommer not Summer !!

Anyway, having done all the apologies, I thought I would remind you that the Baltimore Class commences on Thursday 18th March, Judy Betts has an alternative centre block on view here at Sawmillers, so come along and have a look at it, it really is lovely, we do have limited spaces available.

We hope your week has gone really well and if you are coming our way call in and see the class samples and perhaps go over and see Kevin and have a Devonshire Tea at Stonestead.

Until next time

Happy Quilting


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