Festival Specials and Class Preview Evening

5 Feb

Hi Everyone,

Unlike Punxsutawney Phil ( the Groundhog)of Pennsylvania USA who has predicted another six weeks of winter over there, we here at Sawmillers are hoping we shall have at least another six weeks of summer starting this week so that we can all enjoy the Stonestead Quilt Festival this Sunday 7th February.

Whilst we don’t have a Phil we do have a Barney, who as you can see by the above image is ready and waiting for you to call in at Sawmillers to visit, he will be wearing a new bandana which will co ordinate with the aprons worn by the volunteers made of fabric donated by Sawmillers.

This is the range of William Morris fabric we have been able to get for Sunday, this will be reduced for that day only, so come in and have a look and also check out the William Morris Blenders too.

Another addition to Sawmillers is this new pattern by Sharon Perry, this is made of Sawmillers Strips in 30’s Vintage, the patterns are available as are the strips too. Don’t forget we shall also have kits for purchase too along with a range of Carol Wilson stationary and newly arrived from USA the new Clover Butterfly and Shamrock Yo Yo makers.

For those who are interested in participating in the classes we are holding during 2010, we shall be having a Class Preview Evening on Saturday 13th February at 7.00pm in Stonestead Tea House, where all the tutors will have their class samples for you to see and be able to answer your questions, there will also be incentives available for those registering on the night, for more details phone 04 526 2517.

So until next time, and if you are visiting on Sunday call in and say hello

Happy Quilting


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