Christmas is at Sawmillers

3 Dec

Hi everyone,

It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is only 23 days away, we seem to have only just got home from Houston. Anyway the Sawmillers Tree is up with its’ famous quilt block lights and bows, but more importantly to all our visitors we have also got a huge variety of quilters block pins to pin on your totes, lanyards etc and charms for bracelets we brought these back with us from Houston too, great stocking fillers for quilters or for Secret Santa gifts.

Now how about this for a display of Jim Shore figurines, from the large variety we had a few weeks ago to just these, they are beautiful pieces and would make lovely gifts, come in and have a look at them, they are all reasonably priced.

Now this table has got quilty goodies on it as well, which we brought back from USA, they are the cutest containers, ideal for quilters but containing fat quarters too, so once the fabric has been used the container can also be used for pins, thimbles and other sewing necessities, we also have little books and rulers from Intercourse,PA as well. Don’t forget we also now have Best Press in stock, this is the best substitute for spray starch, has a lovely scent and doesn’t leave a starchy residue, I use it in Sawmillers for projects and have found it invaluable, all the bottles have atomisers with them and we can also refill the bottles when they are empty.

Oh yes I forgot to mention that the X Blocks, Patterns and Books have all arrived as well as the new acrylic templates for Dresden Plate, Apple Basket etc.

Don’t forget if you are coming to Upper Hutt on Saturday for the Santa Parade come on up afterwards and see our goodies and perhaps have a Devonshire Tea as well.

Last but not least we hope you like the latest blog header of Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant ( Unpaid ), Samantha surprised us with this and we think it really is cute, thanks Samantha. For those wondering where Archie is these days, he has become a bit anti social and prefers to sleep either in my car or stay at home in the chair.

So until next time,

Happy Quilting.


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