Beautiful Totes, Fabric, Peonies and Day.

29 Nov

Hi Everyone,

After the terrible weather yesterday it is glorious here now, we have had lots of out of town visitors including the Vauxhall Car Club, great cars. I had a lovely afternoon yesterday when I went to the Capital Quilters Christmas meeting, there was lots of fun and hilarity, the challenge bags were displayed, lots of Show and Tell, beautiful food and a glass of ‘glop’ or soft drink and the ‘piece de resistance’ was the ‘The Fabric or the Bag Contest‘ what a hilarious time we all had and congratulations to Pat and Gaynor for doing such a wonderful job.

The peonies pictured above were grown in the garden here by Kevin at Stonestead, they are so lovely, but since taking this picture, Mr Wilkes from across the road has brought in some more, these are a delicious deep crimson,

These beautiful sewing machine totes are a great Chrismas gift from a husband, partner or even as a combined family gift, they turn on a sixpence and there is plenty of room for all the necessities, Kevin and I bought them at Quilt Market and it was interesting to see them being used for carry on luggage on the flights out of Houston, come along and have a look, we only have four remaining so they are going pretty quickly, we can always put them aside for you.

This range of fabric along with the blue colourway only arrived on Thursday, so we rolled it onto bolt cards straight away and it went on display on Friday, it is a slightly heavier cotton, ideal for totes, bags and even baby slings, I made the club challenge in it so have decided I shall do a class after Christmas.

Kevin has built another stand, this time for all our patterns and we have just put the long awaited templates on the notions stand, come and have a look at them.

Anyway until next time

Happy Quilting.


One Response to “Beautiful Totes, Fabric, Peonies and Day.”

  1. Denniele 29 November, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    JUst checking in on you both! The flowers look so lovely…it is cold and windy here today….very few flowers are remaining. I think the temperature is only to be about 40 degrees…..or about 4 degrees Celsius. I love the new range…who makes it? Can only imagine it is stunning in blue as well. The colors on the totes are wonderful! I am hoping to spend the day sewing…I have a class tomorrow and have very little progress since we last met….three months ago. OOps! Have a lovely day. Denniele

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