It’s Halloween, Our New Welcome Banner and Cooper.

30 Oct


Hi Everyone,

It is almost Halloween and to celebrate we have our carved pumpkins and lights along with our window decorations. In the northern hemisphere it  means that the winter weather has arrived, with snowfalls already in many places, in New Zealand it is a way of welcoming the spring weather and the temperature getting higher. Unfortunately, this year that isn’t the case and we are still feeling wintry blasts and rain, but it will be nice and warm soon, I hope.


This range above has just arrived and is on display in Sawmillers, ideal for a garden trellis quilt, and we have just heard that our new thread Invisafil has arrived in Auckland from Canada, so I can’t wait for it to arrive and unpack it and display it.


These fabrics from Kaufman are wonderfully rich with golds, reds, greens and a delicious cerise pink, these would look great in an asian inspired quilt.


We hope you like our new Welcome banner, we bought this in Fredericksburg, Virginia from a shop full of all type of flags and banners, this particular one is classed as a vintage banner as it was the only one left of it’s kind and we thought it ideal for our visitors to make them feel welcome.

I-like-this-new-toyLast but not least here is Cooper, isn’t he a delight? this is newest member of Samantha and Lance’s family in USA, he is full of vitality and there is somewhat of an uneasy co-existance between Cooper and Olive the cat, like all toddlers he still requires a degree of guidance in his general behaviour and potty training, I am sure you, will along with us, send him huge hugs and look forward to hearing about progress in the coming months.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting.


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