Back Home Once More and Sad News from USA.

21 Oct

DSCF0113Hi Everyone,

Well we are back home, and what a wonderful experience it has been, we are frantically unpacking the goodies that we mailed over and these will be available for you to see shortly, firstly to those who have filled out the survey and attend the Houston Info Evening and then the remainder will be going into Sawmillers, so don’t forget to come and register, Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant ( Unpaid ) will be with me as from tomorrow Thursday.

This posting is very brief as we have our Beginners Class commencing tonight and there is preparation to do for that, but I can’t finish this before telling you all that Arnold, Barney and Archies cousin in USA has unfortuantely passed away, as I said in a previous posting he had been unwell when we were staying at his home, and the vet was very good but thought that perhaps Arnold’s age was against him, so it was with great sadness that Samantha and Lance lost Arnold last Friday night, we are thinking of them and how quiet life will be at the moment and we send lots of love and positive thoughts to them.

I look forward to seeing you all soon, so until next time

Happy Quilting.


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