Day 2 at Houston

12 Oct


Hi Everyone,

Well, it is Sunday here at Houston so it must still be Quilt Market, above is a picture of  Eleanor Burns, I expect there are many of you who recognise the name, Eleanor has  Quilt in a Day online store and is a very well respected tutor, Kevin and I had a hilarious time in her schoolhouse, she is full of vivacity and a bundle of energy, the quilt below is also one of Eleanors.


The two quilts pictured are the samples that the very well known artist Jim Shore and his wife have designed, I expect you can recall that we stocked Jims ornaments at Sawmillers last Christmas, they all sold very quickly. Anyway after much persuasion he and Jan his wife have written a book featuring patterns inspired by his angels and other ornaments he has designed, we were very lucky to speak to Jim this morning, a lovely man who like so many other people here are very keen to come to New Zealand.



Kevin and I have spent all day selecting patterns and new notions for Sawmillers, we have also bought some lovely kits for wallhangings, as well as the butterfly head pins and some very natty pins with covers for quilt basting.

Until next time,

Happy quilting


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