Day One at Houston

11 Oct


Hi Everyone,

Well this is what the George Brown Convention in Houston looks like and this is just the first floor, the ground floor houses the exhibitions and the market booths, and the third floor is where the Sample Spree is held, as you can see it vast, so much so that employees use motorised scooters to get around on.


The above picture was taken at our network pre market dinner, as you can see it was very popular with almost a hundred attendees, as well as the meal we were also given talks by designers and an English ruler designer ( we are ordering these natty rulers tomorrow, you will love them)


I have posted a picture of the Maisie Mouse quilt, as this fabric is due in Sawmillers very soon we have ordered the entire range, I shall be posting more pictures over the next few days so keep coming back to see them.

DSCF0275This is part of the queue for Sample Spree, this is a tradition at quilt market, where retailers have an opportunity to purchase fat quarters, jelly rolls and small quantities of fabrics only at a reduced price, the US shop owners then have the added advantage to make their shop samples and put them on display for their customers whilst waiting to receive the fabric for their shops, it is rather like a stampede as they all want to get as much as they can, unfortunately it isn’t of much advantage to us as we don’t know what fabrics our distibutors have ordered until we see the samples when our agents call with them, but is a great experience non the less, unlike roller suitcases are not allowed, so you see lots of ladies carrying huge bags of fabrics hardly being able to stagger back to the shuttles or nearby hotels, I was lucky as Kevin acted as a baggage porter for me for the few things we got.

So until next time,

Happy Quilting.


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