Our Visit To Ladyfingers Sewing Shop, Oley, PA

7 Oct


Hi Everyone,

Well, as promised Kevin and I went to Gail Kesslers shop Ladyfingers, at Oley, PA. This was an interesting excursion as it took two and a half hours to get there from Wilmington, yet it only took one hour twenty minutes to return!! So as you can imagine we saw quite a lot of rural Pennsylvania and lots of maize fields too.


Anyway this is Ladyfingers, it had over forty rooms and was originally a hotel, general store and post office house when Gail and her husband bought it and restored and converted it to a quilt shop in the 1990’s, downstairs is the shop and upstairs is the class room.


As you can see the shop itself is amongst rural farmland with fields in front, behind and on either side of the shop itself, at this time of the year these are being harvested for the maize that has been grown.


There is a strip mall on the outskirts of Oley, which services the outlying districts and then the nearest large towns would be Reading in the west and Pottstown in the east.


So this is the interior of the shop, these two ladies helped me, when I just had to buy fabric! The quilt hanging on the wall behind the counter is the Shop Hop quilt, we are also hoping to get this venture started next year.

Tomorrow will be our last full day here in Wilmington, we shall be leaving on Thursday to fly to Houston, when we arrive there we shall be attending the dinner for members being put on by the network we belong to, so I am sure we shall be hearing lots of interesting news and idea.

Oh yes, I have heard that Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie, 3rd Assistant (Unpaid ) have had there latest hairdo eg: grooming and are looking most handsome by all accounts.

So until next time,

Happy Quilting


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