Quilt Shops USA

28 Sep


Hi Everyone from Pennsilvania,

Well this is the Quilt Block shop that belongs to Jan and Cynthia, we met these delightful ladies when we were here just two years ago prior to opening Sawmillers, they were so helpful and then we were fortunate to meet up with them again in Houston and were able to compare notes. Their shop has now been open for just over two years and is so lovely, they have wonderful array of fabrics, none of which we have seen before, so is all the more interesting, they were able to tell us which classes are currently the most popular with them, along with the most popular notions, it was very pleasing to hear that the notions that are popular here in  the USA are the same ones that we like in New Zealand too.


Pictured above are Cynthia and Jan, they made us so welcome and whilst I was paying for my ‘goodies’ ( I just had to buy some fabric!) Kevin struck up a conversation with a customer who was wearing a tee shirt with a Kiwi emblen on the front, naturally we had to find out how she got it and even better she and her husband had spent three weeks in New Zealand last year.


This lovely shop is in Chadds Ford, PA and is called the Quilters Corner, the ladies here were also very welcoming and helpful, they had some beautiful Dragonfly and Ladybird fabrics, so we shall look into sourcing those on our return.We shall be making a new post after our visit to Lancaster in the next few days, as well as the trip we made to Fredericksburg and Baltimore over the weekend

Until next time,

Happy Quilting


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