Update from the USA

25 Sep

DSCF0108Hi Everyone,

Well, as you can see by the departure board picture Kevin and I have begun our exciting USA adventure, we are en route to the 2009 Houston Quilt Market being held in two weeks time, but prior to that we are visiting my daughter Samantha and son in law Lance at their home in Wilmington, Delaware, we are very lucky to be able  to stay with them as it means we shall be able to tour around the area visiting all local quilt shops and see how the shops are run in USA as well as spending time with one of my precious daughters. We were fortunate to have an uneventful but lengthy journey to get here with an  eight hour transit in San Francisco, Kevin and I decided to remain at the airport rather than venture into the city as we had already visited there a few years ago. I have posted a few pics of the airport and Kevin attempting to play Chess on the computer!DSCF0109DSCF0111Below is Samantha’s dog Arnold, he is cuddling up to a quilt Samantha has just completed, it is a Chinese Coins design and she used fabric from Sawmillers, it is lovely and she has machine quilted it herself, I am missing Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant terribly, so Arnold will be a stand in for the short time, I gather from DH that Archie 3rd Assistant ( Unpaid ) is suffering from ‘separation anxiety’ as well.DSCF0113Today we have been visiting local shops and I have decided to write a separate post for this, don’t forget Sawmillers is remaining open as usual, we have Cheryl and Julie looking after things for us, they are very welcoming and will be able to help with all you queries, we hope everyone enjoyed the UFO Night and the Thursday Ladies are all OK.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting


4 Responses to “Update from the USA”

  1. Dianne 27 September, 2009 at 9:12 am #

    Hi Yvonne and Kevin
    hope that the trip is going okay …I cannot imagine the eye candy you are going to see in Houston….and hi to Samantha

  2. Denniele 27 September, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

    Yvonne and Kevin,

    Welcome to the US! I hope the trip and market are all that you hoped. Next time put the Midwest on your itinerary…..I would love to be your guide!
    PS I have a dog that could fill in for Barney!

    • Yvonne Matthews 28 September, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

      Hi Denniele
      Great hearing from you & Dianne, we are having a great time visiting the local quilt shops & shall be doing a posting shortly, Midwest will definately be on our agenda next time
      Yvonne & Kevin

  3. Denniele 28 September, 2009 at 10:57 pm #

    YEA!!! Can you hear me celebrating in Pennsylvania???? Bring Dianne along and the Midwest may never know what hit them! I look forward to that day. Enjoy your trip.

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