The Big Storm and Apologies.

29 Aug

DSCF0071Hi Everyone,

I owe you all an apology for the delays with this posting, it has been a hectic time for us here at Sawmillers, our sale was a great success and it was so nice to see new visitors from out of the area too. We still have a couple of the Horn Craft Tables remaining, and are flat packed too, we have one already assembled to show you what they look like.

For those who have been for classes and to the shop have been aware that DH is now out of hospital and recovering very well from the knee replacement he has had, the improvement has been remarkable and he no longer uses crutches and can even manage without a walking stick whilst at home, we are off to the post op consultation next week, so DH is hoping he can return to his practice the following week, we shall see!

The  picture above is of Archie, 3rd Assistant (Unpaid) he has decided it is much better being at Sawmillers than at home with Precious (pictured below) and the patient.

DSCF0062Yesterday was Capital Quilters meeting and I was able to attend along with Cheryl and Julie, I took two quilts that I had made for Sawmillers for Show and Tell, very nerve wracking as it was the first time I had done this, but everyone was very generous and made me feel really good, there were some beautiful quilts displayed.  We have been told through the media that we shall be experiencing a ‘Big Storm” so we wait in anticipation, everything remains the same here and at Stonestead with stove on and scones being made.

Before I sign off I want to mention Beverley who is off to England to do her OE and also her sisters Liz and Bridget who will be keeping her company for the first six weeks, have a great time girls we shall miss you so keep in touch, the Thursday Night ladies are looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. I can’t finish this without a picture of Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting.



One Response to “The Big Storm and Apologies.”

  1. julz 1 September, 2009 at 10:47 am #

    The fur babies look so cute and well behaved, who would think that angelic cat is a right little missy!

    Sunday was great and event completed before the weather turned for the worst (even won a spot prize!)

    Hugs to you and will chat via email later in the week. Jx

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