Free Instore Demo,Alpha Buddies and Geisha Panels

20 Jun

DSCF0032Hi Everyone,

We hope your weekend is going well and you have been able to accomplish lots! Just to let you know we have the Alpha Buddies Panel back in stock, with all the supporting fabrics, lovely and bright and cheery for babies and children.DSCF1105Pictured above is the Geisha Panel we saw at the Sydney Quilt Expo, we have another panel, pattern and fabric here at Sawmillers, these are a very econonomical method of creating a wall hanging, as you only need the panel, pattern and about .70cm of fabric, we have all four colourways that Lonni Rossi designed. We also have Clover notions in store, Chenille Cutters, Unpickers, Bias Makers etc.

If you would like any more details of what we have here, just phone or email and we shall certainly help you, don’t forget we have our Free Instore Demo on Sunday 28th June, at 1.30pm, Dianne will be showing us Crazy Patchwork, I have just completed a block as part of the Star Beginnings class and it was much easier than I had thought and I am so pleased with the result.

By the way we wanted to wish Debbie and Annette, Bon Voyage, they will be  the envy of all piecers and quilters as they leave for America shortly, and will be attending the ‘Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festival‘ in Oregan and also going by ship up to Alaska, have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures and we shall look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return.

Have a great week, everyone, and until next time,

Happy Quilting


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