My Stash and New Arrivals

11 Jun

DSCF1223Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to get this posting done for days, but with all the fabric that has been delivered to Sawmillers both Kevin and myself have been unpacking, cutting Fat Quarters and changing displays, so todays mission is to take pictures of them and get them posted for you all to see, as a taster we do have a lovely reproduction range from Windham fabrics called Williamsburg New Town Farm, the colours go from that beautiful 1860’s sludgy pink to browns to blues to black, we have the entire range now available.

Our opening picture is of a more personal nature, it is always interesting when visitors come into Sawmillers and select their fabrics which they say is for their ‘stash’, well the picture above is of my ‘stash’, which I think is probably not as big as some and I have been very strong and haven’t got a whole pile of fabric from Sawmillers either, doesn’t it look tidy? That won’t last I can assure you and I do so enjoy going through the fabrics on what I call a ‘me’ day.

Don’t forget the ‘Snow in my Jelly‘ class, the first class is on Thursday 18th June and there a few places left, so be in quick, Jelly Rolls are available in all our ranges and we have the needs list available on registration.

Hopefully there will be another posting tomorrow, before I leave Carol in charge whilst I go to Coastal Quilters Club Meeting, I have been invited to speak, so for those members who have read this please come and say hello to me.

Until then,

Happy Quilting.


4 Responses to “My Stash and New Arrivals”

  1. Denniele 12 June, 2009 at 4:07 am #

    Hi Yvonne,

    Good luck stunning them at Coastal. I just spoke with Dianne and she is going to be seeing you soon! I am jealous…..but we had a wonderful chat. Looks like both Dianne and I could use some of your restraint when it comes to our stashes! Must tell you I love the name snow in my jelly…it makes me smile. Hope you and Kevin and Barney are staying warm. Denniele

    • Yvonne Matthews 12 June, 2009 at 10:40 am #

      Hi Denniele
      Dianne taught a great class tonight, she said you had spoken & that you had made a pact not to buy more fabric, I thought that hilarious! We have some beautiful fabric arrived, Dianne is sending a picture to you. Have a great weekend, shall let you know how the talk goes tomorrow.Yvonne

  2. Denniele 12 June, 2009 at 1:00 pm #


    I can’t imagine why people who hear about our pact think it is funny! LOL So far we have made it a week…pretty good. I will send a photo of my stash if you promise to not think badly of me :O)))) Denniele

    • Yvonne Matthews 13 June, 2009 at 7:20 am #

      Hi Denniele, Coastal Quilters gave Cheryl and I a great welcome & made us feel very much at home, I mentioned that Dianne was our resident tutor and how good she was, everyone thought your quilt was beautiful, lovely blocks & super machine quilting. We would all love to see your stash & don’t forget we all need a really good stash! Yvonne

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