Barney’s Doctors Appointment.

3 May

dscf1146Hi Everyone,

Well we have been woken up to a cool morning, suddenly our mornings remind us we are getting into winter.

As the title of this posting suggests Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant has been to see the animal doctor today, I was getting concerned that he was on occasions being a tad cranky! So I thought it a good idea to get him checked out by the expert, and I am pleased to say he is really well, and that the groans that are sometimes heard from him are because he is either ticklish or feeling put out by the newest member of the family, Precious The Puss Cat! and he is asserting himself. I have now told to get over it as Precious is well and truly a member of the family and it would be best to treat her with the disdain he is so good at. I have put a picture of Precious The Puss Cat here for you all to see and I gather that ginger lady cats do have assertive issues, and she does, she is really bossy, but we love her dearly.

dscf1134Archie, 3rd Assistant (Unpaid) has now got over his depression, he has been groomed and has begun to visit us at Sawmillers, once more, although I think he is feeling the chill a bit as he huddles next to the heater most of the day.

On to more interesting matters, we now have the 2 colourways for our 2009 BOM on display at Sawmillers, I am going to do a separate posting telling you all about this lovely programme so keep watching.

We have heard that Roy is on the mend in Palmerston North and finally home, much to his delight, Get Well Soon, Roy.

I shall finish this brief posting and go back to installing the mountain of data forms onto our data base so even more visitors will  hear from us, have a good week and if you want information about classes, stitching group and UFO nights just email or phone us.

Until next time, Happy Quilting



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