The Road.

27 Mar

dscf0829Hi Everyone,

No doubt those of you that have visited  Sawmillers in the past 3 days have had to experience the delays resulting from re-surfacing State Highway 2 just by Plateau Road, well all is quiet now, so I am assuming that the work has been completed, but for those who travel back and forth to the Wairarapa it must been a night mare.

I had meant to mention last week that our congratulations go to Adele one of our visitors and class participants on gaining along with her crew a Silver Medal in the Dragon Boat Race held last weekend in Wellington.Well Done, Adele.

The class and I had a lovely surprise last night when Dianne one of our tutors here at Sawmillers,   called in en route from Auckland with her friend Deneal,( apologies for any mis-spelling!) Dianne and Deneal, who is from  Missouri, have been corresponding for some time and this is the first time they have met face to face, we were very priveleged to have met Deneal and we wish her a great visit to our country and also Symposium, we look forward to seeing her again soon.

For those who ordered the ‘Circuit Riders Quilt’ book they have arrived and Dianne will be here on Sunday at 2.00pm signing the books at the page her design is on, so call in and we can orders for more books if you would like one.

We have just received some new fabric Oriental and Country, I shall be posting pictures very shortly, so until next time,

Happy Quilting


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