Just One Sleep To Go

13 Feb

dscf0880Hi Everyone,

So here we are all waiting for Samantha and Lance to arrive, and as the title of the posting says just ‘one sleep’ to go! Naturally, nothing changes here at Sawmillers as we prepare for our next classes to be held here. Don’t forget we have the Charmed Bag Class, this is being held next Saturday 21st February and is guaranteed a fun class, it is an all day class with morning and afternoon tea provided.

charmed-bagAnother class which will be starting on Friday 6th March is the the beautiful Baltimore, we only have 2 places left, so don’t linger if you would like to do this, as I have mentioned before the cost is minimal after you have purchased the base fabric, which is available her at Sawmillers too, so why not call up and see the Baltimore, it is on display in the shop now and the colour possibilities are endless.

dscf0924_2Last but not least the pictures from the Quilt Festival will be on the here very soon, I am just waiting to receive them and shall put them on for you, we do have the 1st Place Getters Quilts here at Sawmillers on display, so if you want to come and have a look at them they are  on quilt racks on the verandah, so until our next posting and hopefully a picture of my girl.

Happy Quilting


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