In Store Demonstrations and Smurf Houses.

13 Nov


Hi Everyone,

In the ‘olden’ days these delightful toadstools were called ‘Smurf‘ houses by my children, they were always on the look out for Gargamel and his cat, here at Sawmillers we just see them as a sign that summer is on its’ way, and seeing them in a shady spot under the trees was too good an opportunity to miss taking a photograph of.


Above and below are examples of what will be demonstrated in Sawmillers on Sunday 23rd November at 1.30pm. above is Fast Flying Geese and below Half Square Triangles, there is no charge for the demonstration, just come along and watch, it is for all skill levels and I am sure it will inspire you to incorporate one of these designs in your next quilt. Why not go over to Stonestead Devonshire Tea House afterwards and enjoy a relaxing cuppa and scone, homemade jam and cream, Scrummy.

Telephone Yvonne 04 526 2517 or email for details.


Well, as you can see Barney Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie 3rd Assistant (Unpaid) have decided they like the look of the Chunky Rail Fence Quilt and fabrics, why not call in and see for your self how lovely it is, and you can always say ‘hello’ to the boys, but until the next posting and news

Happy Quilting




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