And Great Fun Was Had By All

22 Oct

Hi Everyone,

As you can see Barney, Official Greeter and 2nd Assistant and Archie, Unpaid 3rd Assistant were all dressed up to celebrate Cupcake Day here at Sawmillers, the day dawned beautifully and we had a lovely sunny day until just before we closed.We had such a fun day and it was lovely to have Dianne here with me, we shared lots of quilt news, with customers bringing in their projects for us to admire, it amazes me what a variety of projects there are, and all so different and most of all how clever you all are.

Having here Dianne too, meant that we were able to spend more time with our visitors, ensuring they had a nice complimentary cup of tea and their iced and decorated cupcake, and because the weather was so good everyone had the choice of either sitting on the verandah or at the picnic tables that were outside.

We decided to extend the registration date for the Cupcake Quilt Class to enable those who visited us on the day to enroll, this means we only have one place left for this class, which is being held on Friday 21st November at 6.00pm until late, we shall be including dinner with this too, so give us a call at Sawmillers or email for the details, don’t leave it too long or you may not be able to get in.

There will be more postings over next few days as we still have so much to tell you, and keep you informed of the happenings here at Sawmillers, but before I do finish I must make mention of Julie, she is a very loyal visitor to Sawmillers and has made herself available to help out when necessary, but today is a big day for Julie, because as I write this she will be undergoing treatment for the wrist problems she has been  experiencing, and Kevin and I want her to know we are thinking of her and wish her a very speedy recovery and an early return to stitching.

Until the next time, probably tomorrow, Happy Quilting


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