US Designer Heather Bailey Range now in Sawmillers.

14 Sep

Hi Everyone,

We have been waiting with baited breath for this fabulous range of fabrics by the very well known American designer Heather Bailey, and it finally arrived on Friday, the range is entitled Pop Garden and as you can see by the group of pictures it is a real colour blast, quite retro and a mixture of bold colours with flower motifs to zig zag stripes, very effective, this can be used not just for quilt projects but also bags, aprons wall hangings etc.

There is a huge colour range with hot pinks, vivid yellows, absinthe greens, browns and reds. Come in and see close up this beautiful range.

Below is the lovely Savannah range, this has florals, stripes and spots all coordinating and in pinks, blues and lemons

Audrey took great care of Sawmillers on Friday, we were very pleased to have her here, we are certainly getting a super group of friends here, not just those that help in the shop, teach class,  but also the Sawmillers Stitchers that meet alternate Thursdays over in the Tea House, where they pursue their different quilt and craft interests, enjoy each others company and have their Devonshire Teas served by the ‘boss’ Kevin.

We are in the process of preparing new classes and once the tutors have been confirmed these will be posted for you to register for, not least of all will be a class for Kevins’ Quilt for which there seems to be great interest.

Until our next posting,

Happy Quilting


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