The Sawmillers Scottie

6 Sep

Hi Everyone,

Well, just when we thought Spring had arrived we have reverted back to the cooler days once more, and my goodness today has been very chilly.

Anyway, as always it is lovely and warm inside Sawmillers, despite Barney, the Official Greeter being in the best position in the shop, directly in front of the heater. Pictured above is the sample quilt of the Sawmillers Scottie teamed up with the Sawmillers logo block, we have the Scottie template already to applique onto your fabric and these can be purchased singly or in groups, we do have a further idea for Scotties but this is still in the formulating stage.

We are in the midst of planning future promotions at Sawmillers, so keep checking back to see how much progress we are making and what the details are.

We have very much enjoyed the groups of ladies who visited Sawmillers and Stonestead today, I would like to thank Julie for all her help, and on the strength of this you will be seeing more of her in the future, as she will be assisting at Sawmillers from time to time. Pictured below is a closeup of the Scottie and until next time.

Happy Quilting.


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