Classes and New Fabric

1 Sep


Hi Everyone,

Our apologies for the lateness in this weeks posting, we have been frantically cutting the Sawmillers Strips and Charm Squares in the new ranges we have in stock.

Above is the class sample of the Christmas Yo Yo Wreath we are making in a 1/2 day class, the first one was a great success, so if you would like to register contact Sawmillers for details.

These ladies, Jeanette and Maryke are members of the first beginners class we held at Sawmillers, all the projects turned out great and we had a great time, if you want join our next beginners group, again contact Sawmillers for details 

This fabric is part of the new Martha Negley range aptly called ‘Mums’ the colours are delicious, soft mauves, vibrant pinks and oranges and dramatic blues, we also have fat 1/4ers available.

Below are the ‘boys’, we now have an extension at Sawmillers especially built for 2nd Assistant and Official Greeter, Barney, and 3rd Assistant and Sleeping Greeter, Archie, it is a purpose built gate which allows them to sunbathe on the verandah now the weather is improving.

Let us hope this spring like weather continues, the sun certainly lifts everyones spirits, we have some great promotions coming up so keep checking back here to read about them.

So until next time, Happy Quilting.


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