He Is Almost Here!

23 Aug


Hi Everyone,

Well, the news is very exciting, we have just heard from our supplier that The Very Hungry Caterpillar is being packed ready to be sent out next week, so hopefully I shall be contacting all those who registered in advance towards the end of next week to say he has arrived at Sawmillers.

The other fabrics pictured are some of the supporting range we shall be receiving, we are hoping to assemble some kits in the range too, enabling those who just want to make the quilt fairly quickly to have the fabric selection and pattern done for them.

Sawmillers has been very lucky to be able loan Sharon Perrys’   ‘Dozens of Memories’ Quilt, this is the one that is featured in the latest issue of the NZ Quilter, I can say with all honesty that my skills as a photographer are very limited and I really haven’t done the quilt justice in this newsletter, as the colours are beautiful and the design breathtaking, if you would like to see this quilt come and visit us at Sawmillers and take a closer look and appreciate all the work that was involved in constructing it.

We have received numerous queries about the illusive 3rd assistant at Sawmillers, well here he is, with the weather being positively spring like today, we decided that Archie should be out in the fresh air and be part of the welcoming party with his boss Barney, they have been more than happy to greet our visitors and the visitors in turn have been most kind to them.Thank you.

Anyway, it is time to finish this latest post, for those who want to reserve a Hungry Caterpillar panel, to ensure you have one, contact us and your name will be added to the wait list so that once the fabric arrives those panels will be cut and put way for the advance registrations..

Have a good week and Happy Quilting.


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